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Recorded Webinars

Integrating with eclipse

This session covers core and advanced products that enhance your docSTAR experience by providing data and image enabling capabilities. Learn about DataLink, SmartLink, Application Integrator, RatchetSoft “Magic Button” and see some live examples.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

Discover how content management systems such as docSTAR eclipse can help reduce labor costs and automate common business processes. Learn more here about the solution.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration

The beginning of the video is dedicated to Artsyl and data handoff to eclipse, but upon final approval from eclipse the PIF NAV middleware application exports an XML file that conforms the XML schema of the XML Port in NAV. The NAV codeunit calls the XML Port and executes the import process. Additionally to suppress the XML import file dialog when executing the codeunit manually, PIF created a scheduled task application that calls the codeunit through the NAV Administrative shell. This way the data exported from eclipse flows programmatically into NAV without user intervention. here about the solution.

Eclipse Capture Options

Watch how AP invoices and sales orders can be captured, dynamically separated, data extracted from unstructured zones and then matched to a database that contains receiving and PO data. the end result, documents and all their data are fully indexed into docSTAR and the metadata is then pushed into your ERP system.

Electronic Forms

Fed up with paper-based forms, handwriting and manual processing?
PIF Technologies introduces WebForms, a new web-based forms module that allows you to easily create custom electronic forms with drag & drop technology – no need for IT, complex coding or expensive 3rd party resources. Learn more here.

Advanced Workflow

This session focuses on the eclipse advanced workflow engine along with the 73 different system and user functions that can be instantiated within eclipse. Several sample workflows are built to show the flexibility and power of the eclipse workflow engine.

Eclipse Capture Techniques

In this recorded webinar, learn about the various capture methods available within Eclipse. Including, zone OCR, email monitoring, barcode separation and recognition, MS Office connector, virtual print driver and advanced capture.

Product Video’s

Eclipse 6 Minute Video

docSTAR Eclipse is affordable online document management and workflow automation software. Eclipse allows access from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. Eclipse has the flexibility to meet the needs of large scale enterprises and small businesses.

AP Automation 4 Minute Video

Watch how the docSTAR accounts payable automation solution allows you to capture, process, and route your paper and electronic invoices automatically reducing processing time by up to 60%. Workflow automation can be used for accounts payable automation, order processing automation, and other processes.  Advanced data capture and integration with ERP and accounting solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite, QuickBooks, SAP and Oracle provide real-time 3-way matching of purchase orders, invoices, and receiving data.

 Intelligent Data Capture (Advanced Capture)

Reduce manual data entry, matching and capture of unstructured documents such as AP Invoices, sales orders, transcripts, mortgage documents, edical claims and the like with this SMART OCR tool. Learn more here.

AP Process Comparison

Learn about the basics of AP automation and how the docSTAR solution can help reduce labor costs, gain visibility, provide audit support, comply with various state and federal mandates and become more efficient as an organization.

 Claims Processing

Learn how medical claims (HCFA, CMS 1500, UB-04, UB-90, EOB) can be captured, auto separated, classified and data extracted. Full support for EDI based HL7 formats such as x12 835/837.

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