Every organization deals with a myriad of records involving customers, vendors, and employees. Creating, reviewing, revising, executing, approving and filing records and related documents is time consuming. Electronic document management systems can help improve the process and reduce the potential for lost and misplaced files. Our solutions allow you to legally and securely store all of your records in one single document repository and manage them through the entire record lifecycle. Never lose or misplace a file again.

Whether your documents are paper or electronic all of your records are fully text searchable, making it possible to retrieve any document instantly. By managing records electronically you can collaborate with stakeholders, avoid missing deadlines, and comply with regulations. Electronic signatures, document authentication, version control and audit trail features ensure your contracts are legally acceptable. A secure web-based interface provides access to documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. Let us help you manage your document management solution customized for your business!


  • Scan, fax, email and import documents into one central document repository
  • Intelligent data capture
    • Reduce manual data entry errors
    • Capture, store, distribute and contracts applications
    • Capture, store and link other related documents
  • Customized workflow automation
    • Automate tasks for contract management and approval
    • Pre-define documentation requirements, approval steps and due dates
    • Collaborative workflows include alerts, approvals, reporting and annotation
    • Distribute contracts for approvals
    • Identify missing documents quickly
    • Build workflows linking documents to make audit management easier
    • Document annotation features allow you to collaborate with stakeholders
  • Search and retrieval
    • Full text OCR and document indexing
    • Real-time search and retrieval: retrieve any contract or document instantly
    • Instant hotkey access within your core business system
  • Security
    • Access management for security compliance
    • Version control and audit trails
    • Document authentication
    • Segregated and secured personnel folders
    • Native file support
  • Document management and retention policies
  • Quick and easy audit management
  • Disaster recovery

Improve Record Management

Employees get what they need faster with a secure single repository for records. Manage all of your records through their entire lifecycle. Free your staff to focus on more valuable tasks and never lose or misplace a file again.

  • Enter documents into collaborative processing workflows that include alerts, approvals, reporting
  • User access management allows only authorized users to view documents
  • Audit trail functions track versions and maintain legal authenticity with digital signatures and time and date stamps
    Easy one-click access to supporting documentation based on the document currently being viewed with a new related document display
  • Access all related documents instantly pre-define, automate, and enforce your document driven processes and include automated due date creation, automated alerts via docSTAR and email, require certain documents and approvals, and provide business insight into your document workflows in real-time

 Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate physical storage costs
  • Reduce labor costs associated with physical storage, filing and regulatory compliance
  • Assign employees to higher value activities

Regulatory Compliance

  • Store and distribute contracts and related documents with version control and audit traceability
  • Automate document retention

Integrate with your Core Business Systems

We create solutions tightly integrated with the leading core business solutions allowing you to enter your documents and data in one step while storing them in the document management system. docSTAR can be integrated with any MS SQL/OBDC compliant system.