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Are your records secure?

The recent announcement of Anthem CEO, Joseph Swedish, regarding a massive data breach at the nations second largest health insurer has caught the attention of small businesses. The Anthem data breach impacts up to 80 million subscribers and employees in

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Mortgage Industry Benefits from Intelligent Data Capture and Automation

Mortgage lenders can benefit from a document management solution with intelligent data capture and workflow automation.  Intelligent data capture can quickly and accurately capture and file all forms of documents – including everything from applications, credit reports, legal documents, to employment verification forms.

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Record Management and Retention Roadmap

Decades of technological advances have transformed organizational operations, while creating challenges related to record keeping.  Greater reliance on electronic records has exponentially increased the volume and diversity of information that organizations must manage.  Poorly managed record keeping leads to decreased

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Choosing an Enterprise Content Management Solution

Which enterprise content management solution should you choose? Choosing the right content management system for your business can be an adventure. There are literally hundreds of vendors out there today – some with robust products and strong track records and

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Fax Automation Technology in Manufacturing

Many manufacturing and logistics companies still use paper-based processes that require manual delivery and workflow.  While most have deployed enterprise level ERP and acccounting applications, they don’t have a way of dealing with reality of today’s document delivery.  They are still

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Digital HR Document Management

Gartner’s recent release of the “Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software, 2014” highlights the growing need for HR to more effectively manage documents while ensuring regulatory compliance and security.  2014 is the first year that Gartner has included document management as a category

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