Choosing an Enterprise Content Management Solution

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Which enterprise content management solution should you choose?

Choosing the right content management system for your business can be an adventure. There are literally hundreds of vendors out there today – some with robust products and strong track records and others with nothing but a bundle of promises. Once you have made the decision to implement a document management solution you are probably anxious to get started and reap the rewards. Choose the wrong software, the wrong platform and the wrong system integrator and the adventure might be more than you bargained for. So how should a company go about selecting the right product, the right platform and the right vendor?

The Product
What are you trying to accomplish? The product you select should be capable of meeting your main business requirements and objectives and growing with your organization. What is the track record of the product and the company that developed it? Has the company been around for a long time? Does the vendor have experience providing solutions for a diverse user base or a niche user base? Do they take user feedback and advance their product features? Does the product work well in your environment with your other business applications? Does the product fit your vision? What customizations or compromises will you have to make if you choose th product? What is your budget?

The Platform
Does the solution need to come out of your operating budget or your capital budget? Do you have your own IT department? Are their security concerns that might impact your decision? Where are your users located?

Top reasons companies choose On-Premise Solutions?

  1. Leverage investment in existing technology to reduce overall costs
  2. Concern about connectivity with on-premise legacy business systems
  3. Comfort level with control and performance
  4. Compliance related concerns:  corporate data is stored internally

Top reasons companies choose Cloud-based Solutions?

  1. Lower initial costs, no infrastructure requirements
  2. Pay as you go operating budget line item versus capital expenditure
  3. Rapid deployment
  4. Upgrades are transparently managed by service provider
  5. Scalable with less additional expenditure
  6. Focus on core business

The Vendor

Selecting the right vendor to implement your system is just as important as selecting the right product and platform. Do they sell multiple products or do they specialize? How much experience do they have implementing the specific product you are buying? What is their technical support department like? Is the vendor stable, have they been around for a long time? Does the vendor understand your business and the way your work? Does your team have a good rapport with the vendor?

The Steps
1. Create a short list of products that meet your 10 main business requirements
2. Filter out products that are not within 30% of your budget.
3. Demo the products making sure to prepare for the demo and bring up and evaluate the products ability to handle your business scenarios
4. Filter out the products that cannot meet your business requirements
5. Consider the experience of implementation partners
6. Run a three to five year ROI estimate using the total cost of ownership

Your business runs on information. Your ability to store, connect and retrieve documents from multiple locations and multiple core business systems is critical to your bottom line. Automating repetitive, manual and resource intense processes can increase your productivity.

PiF Technologies has been helping companies customize docSTAR document management systems for their unique needs for over 19 years. All of our systems use optical character recognition (OCR) to intelligently extract data from documents. With our solutions your documents can be stored in a single repository and integrated with your core business application. We offer On Premise, cloud-based and hybrid solutions designed for your business. Not sure which solution is best for you, or whether a hybrid solution makes sense, contact us to find out the best fit for your needs.


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