Scan, file, retrieve, and so much more.

Meet smart document management from PiF Technologies.

Our solution is

Built for the web

Our solution supports all browsers, making it easily accessible for your team without requiring clunky software.

Mobile Friendly

Access documents at any time, anywhere, from any device. Help your employees, clients, and partners work on the go.

Easy to use

Manage documents and automate processes across multiple locations, departments and employees, without the frustration of a confusing system.


With a central content repository with features including version control and user-based access, you’ll feel confident that your data is protected.

Easy to Integrate

Our solution integrates with any ODBC compliant application, creating the perfect recipe for your success.

Incredibly smart, remarkably user-friendly.

You don’t have to compromise having top-of-the-line technology with an easy-to-use platform. Our solution is simple enough for everyone in your organization to use, and smart enough to handle complex workflows and manage all of your documents.  

What is Document Management?

Document Management at its most basic level scans, captures, retrieves, and stores documents digitally in a central location.

Having content stored and accessed electronically allows your entire organization to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and enhance security.

Enterprise Document Management (EDM) is the solution when your organization needs granular document and content type security with specific feature access permissions (such as who can email, print, view, approve, annotate).

We work well with others.

We seamlesslyy integrate with dozens of common Enterprise Resource Planning and other line of business systems.

Solutions to fit your exact business needs.


Our entry level solution, we provide you with the entry point to digital storage and retrieval, the Document Management software system and a database connection to your Financial ERP. 

What you get:

  • Software
  • 2 Concurrent Licenses 
  • Financial ERP Integration
  • 2 Days Professional Services


This is for organizations that want to truly get moving with automation. It automates your routing and matching with workflows. Professional also supports line item GL coding and distributions. 

What you get:

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • 3 Additional  Licenses (5 total)  
  • Advanced Workflow (route, match, approve invoices)
  • 3 Days Professional Services (5 days total)
  • Push filing with the single click of a button within your ERP


With our top-of-the-line solution, we automate just about everything. SMART Optical Character Recognition (OCR) does 90% of the data entry for you by classifying, separating, and extracting data. You just verify it. Once approved, it automatically pushes the data to your Financial ERP. No manual entry required!

What you get:

Everything in Professional, plus: 

  • Smart OCR / Advanced Capture (data extraction from invoices and zero data entry)
  • 5 Days  Professional Services  (10 days total)

Why Starter?

 It’s a simple first step towards digital storage and retrieval for all departments in your organization; AP/Finance, HR, Service Coordination, Client Intake, Customer Service, Quality, and Manufacturing.

Why Professional?

Most importantly, your process is reduced to a single point of data entry, meaning you no longer have to enter redundant information. You get upgraded to electronic approvals to further reduce time and labor costs compared to paper based processes.

Why Enterprise?

Here we front end your capture process and more importantly,  NO data entry! Enterprise automates the separation and batching of AP invoices. This  approach also employs 3-way matching, multi-step approvals, and smart validation.  

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