Benefits of Going Paperless with Document Management Systems

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By implementing a document imaging solution, your firm should realize these many benefits:

Instant Document Retrieval

Document imaging allows users the ability to quickly and easily find documents without ever leaving their desk. Paper and microfilm are much slower because users must either search for documents in countless filing cabinets or storage rooms to search for information manually and hopefully finding the document.

Simultaneously Share Documents

Imaging makes it easy to share documents electronically with clients and colleagues over a network or securely through the Web. Users can even publish a large number of documents (up to 15,000 pages) onto CD or DVD for distribution to anyone. Paper documents typically require photocopying multiple copies and microfilm requires conversion to paper and then photocopying which is inefficient, costly and time‐consuming.

Safety from Disaster

Unfortunately, if paper files are burned or are lost in a flood, they are gone forever. With document imaging, firms can quickly recover from any disaster because all document files and images and all crucial information can be archived on and restored from a secure remote data center. Important files are automatically backed‐up for safe, offsite storage.

Reduce Storage Space Requirements

By converting paper documents to digital images, users reduce the need to store paper. Users will be able to reduce or possibly eliminate not only the filing cabinets in the office, but also boxes of files that may be stored costly off‐site storage.

Eliminate Document Loss

Document imaging OCR technology allows firms to dramatically reduce manual filing time, accidental misfiling and document loss by reading and indexing each word in every document. Full‐text retrieval serves as a great research tool helping you find documents, including contracts, agreements, and minutes.

Reclaim Productivity

Find documents in seconds and never lose them, saving operational hours and customers. Instead of spending countless hours searching for documents, time is now better spent meeting the needs of your customers and acquiring new ones and ultimately growing your business.

Increase Profitability

By implementing a document imaging solution, your firm should be able to reduce overhead costs while maximizing productivity and workplace efficiency. Ultimately, firms can focus on what matters most, satisfying customers and building the business.

Improve Document Security

Document imaging provides the ability to restrict access to sensitive documents, and determine the extent of an individual’s access to any file and document. Managers can easily control whether employees, customers, or vendors can view, annotate, re‐file, email, and fax, print or delete documents. Paper files do not allow for this type of security. The only security available to paper files is the ability to lock a filing cabinet.

Compliance Strategy

Users can easily implement a secure document imaging strategy that allows firms to meet their statutory obligations while minimizing daily operations and keeping costs down. A Document Imaging solution can also reduce paper record keeping costs and facilitate producing records on demand for auditing purposes.

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