Fax Automation Technology in Manufacturing

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Many manufacturing and logistics companies still use paper-based processes that require manual delivery and workflow.  While most have deployed enterprise level ERP and acccounting applications, they don’t have a way of dealing with reality of today’s document delivery.  They are still buried in paper that comes from a variety of sources including fax. Most organizations are switching over to fax servers to eliminate telecom costs and hard costs such toner, ink, paper and equipment maintenance .

Leading organizations are adopting a more strategic approach.  Document management and workflow automation technology when used in conjunction with fax servers help manage processes, paper and electronic documents.  The most robust solutions extract data, while routing and archiving documents taking into account the actual workflow.

Fax automation and capture technology helps companies process faxes from a variety of fax servers. Data from inbound faxes can be imported into back-end systems ERP and accounting systems, routed via email all while being archived for later retrieval.  Repetitive, time consuming manual processes can be automated.  Organizations adopting fax automation technology can see a reduction in costs of 30% or more and productivity increases of

Fax automation and optical character recognition technology can be used in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, distribution, financial services and banking.  Documents such as purchase orders, invoices, receipts, bills of lading,  and even loan applications can be captured in seamlessly processed and routed for approval and action.    Companies trying to get a competitive edge can reduce operational costs, increase productivity and efficiency and improve customer and vendor service.

Benefits of fax server-OCR automation solutions:

  • AP Automation
  • Integration with main business applications
  • Reduction of errors from manual data entry
  • Reduction of physical storage costs
  • Reduction of hard costs associated with paper
  • Information security and data privacy
  • Regulatory compliance

Watch our demo showing how fax servers helps implement AP automation solutions!   To obtain more information on Zetafax, the marketing leading fax server technology that integrates with docSTAR, contact us.

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