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All our clients come from different backgrounds and have different needs for their organization to succeed, but often we find that companies in the same industry have similar pain points. With each new client we take on, we use knowledge and processes from previous projects to create the best possible solution for our them. Throughout our 22 year history, we’ve been able to help our clients in the food and beverage industry create custom solutions for their company. So, what’s the secret recipe to their solution?

Recipe Storage

Document Management can be used for more than just storing and organizing key business documents, you can also use it to protect your brand’s recipes! Rather than have important recipes and procedures stored in a disorganized and vulnerable computer file (or worse, printed out), your company can keep them all in one place and be able to share them across your company. If your HQ is in Massachusetts but your production facility is in Maryland, everyone can access whatever recipe or procedure they need, when they need it.  

Vendor Invoices

Using the DocStar platform and Artsyl’s Intelligent Data Capture technology, we can help make files that were previously unsearchable, searchable. Your invoices, delivery tickets, and other crucial documents may not have a common structure. It can automatically route and match documents based on common fields that you decide, meaning you can sort by customer, order number, or product delivered, depending on what your business needs are. And because it sorts automatically, you’ll be saving time and labor costs.

Delivery Tickets

Most food and beverage distribution businesses that use their own trucks need to handle Proof of Delivery (POD) tickets where the customer signs that they received the shipment and in many cases changes the order on the fly by crossing out line items and quantities. PiF’s POD solution allows alcohol beverage distributors to comply with state sales tax audits, internal audits and ensure no product theft.

When the delivery ticket is printed PiF retains a copy, recording the client name, date, AR invoice number, route, stop and number of pages. When the signed copy is returned by the driver, PiF reads the AR invoice number as well as number of pages and creates an exception report of missing POD’s. PiF takes the guesswork out of the delivery reconciliation process and reduces significant low value manual matching work.

Document Management

At the core of many of our projects is the DocStar document management solution. In DocStar you can maintain your organization’s records, completely eliminating the need for paper in your office. DocStar is web based, which means you can access your records anytime, anywhere, from any device. On the production floor and need a supplier invoice? You can quickly search and retrieve exactly what you need. In a performance review meeting and need to review an employee’s past records? Find the exact file you were looking for quickly and easily. DocStar makes your organization more efficient by saving you time, and more successful by saving you money.

HR Webforms

As your company continues to grow, you likely will need new team members to help further your success. Hiring and onboarding can be one of the most frustrating processes for your organization. Between gathering the necessary paperwork for taxes, insurance, and other necessary pieces of your onboarding process, to managing time off requests and scheduling, using smart webforms can simplify your process. We utilize frevvo webforms to create custom forms that fit your business needs along with templates for W-2, 1090, benefit election, and other common forms. You can even create job applications within frevvo, meaning you can complete your entire hiring and onboarding process in one place.

frevvo forms are smart, meaning they’ll remember new hire’s basic information like name, address, etc. and eliminate the hassle of filling out the same information over and over again.  

These are just a small sampling of common processes PiF can help automate for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, to learn more about what specific solutions will work for your business fill out the form below!\

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