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Support remote employees by giving them access to the documents, applications, and data they need.

Remote work has grown more and more common for organizations across industries, locations, and sizes. It allows employees to be flexible with their work, eliminates long commutes, and can enhance productivity. While many employees and their workplaces have chosen to establish a remote work environment over time, in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations have had to quickly adjust. 

For our customers who currently have their DocStar system or other applications on-premise, your remote employees may not be able to access the tools they need to successfully complete their jobs. 

DocStar in the Cloud

For DocStar users, accessing records and documents without needing to search through folders and filing cabinets is one of the most important functions of the application. If they’re storing these documents locally on their server, they become inaccessible once the employee leaves the office. 

Migrating these documents to the cloud is simple and cost-effective, and can be an absolute necessity for organizations that have remote employees.  


Amazon Web Services Cloud Hosting

Beyond DocStar, other applications that are hosted on your organization’s servers need to be accessible by remote employees. 

As an Amazon Web Services solution provider, we can provide you with cloud hosting options designed to fit your exact needs. AWS is flexible and scalable, meaning you can increase capacity for more users, data, and storage on demand. 

PiF wants to help you move to the cloud.

We’re offering special incentives for our customers wanting to migrate their data and applications to the cloud during this time. 

We understand the need to get your employees remote work ready, and we’re ready to help you get there quickly. 

Email marketing@piftech.com to get started.

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