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The smart & secure way to store your town's records.

Your municipality has critical documents, but when they're stored in boxes or filing cabinets they aren't easily retrievable, and certainly aren't secure.

Folder trees and unsecured file structures are complicated to search and susceptible to cyber attacks.

Document Management can solve the challenges of paper in a fully secure digital environment.

Discover Document Management

More than just a digital filing cabinet.

At its most basic level, a Document Management system scans, captures, retrieves, and stores documents digitally in a central location.

When your organization needs granular document and content type security with specific feature access permissions (such as who can email, print, view, approve, annotate), Document Management is your answer.

Do you have concerns about document security and the possibility of cyberattacks?

In 2022, 106 state or municipal governments or agencies were affected by ransomware.

We can help you securely store your key records as well as Accounting and Human Resources documents.

Trusted by towns, school districts, and state departments across New England (and beyond).

Provide public access to property records.

Historical data and documents are preserved and made accessible for town residents.

The properties in your town have a story. Property records stored in filing cabinets or banker’s boxes are difficult to access and are at risk of being lost or damaged. By fully digitizing your records and allowing for public access, you can help tell the story of your town’s properties all while in a safe and secure electronic environment. 

We work well with others

We create solutions tightly integrated with your existing core business systems. allowing you to enter your documents and data in one step while storing them in the document management system.

We integrate with systems used by towns and cities nationwide including Munis, Cody Systems, ESRI ArcGIS, or others.

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Work with New Hampshire's Number One Ricoh Dealer.

Experience the difference of working with a truly local copier dealer, without the hidden costs, gimmicks, and headaches.

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