Interactive Whiteboards

Ricoh’s interactive whiteboards encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration. Focus your team’s efforts via a high-quality digital whiteboard display, change details on the fly and exchange ideas in real-time. Ricoh produces interactive whiteboards in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Select the perfect display option for your home, office, or classroom.

D6500 for Business

Make your next presentation more collaborative

  • Collaborate on a 65" display panel
  • Impress with HD, LED backlit display
  • Includes RICOH Controller Type I
  • Work in the cloud or offline to help ensure secure collaboration

D8600BK w/ Windows® Controller

Interact with greater impact

  • Share ideas on an 86" 4K touchscreen
  • Present with 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Connect laptops and mobile devices
  • Use preferred apps to transform presentations into productive collaborations

D3210BK with Windows Controller

Bring real-time collaborations closer

  • Work on a 32" LED touchscreen panel
  • Impress with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Connect to laptops and mobile devices
  • Use the Windows® controller to access your preferred collaboration apps

Video Conferencing

Conference your way, with Ricoh’s dynamic video, audio and web conferencing solutions. Ricoh’s conferencing equipment and technology gives your business the power to connect and collaborate effectively.


Ricoh’s digital projectors add an element of interactivity to your presentations, whether they occur in office meeting spaces, classrooms, auditoriums or beyond. Find a Ricoh digital projector to help you meet your presentation goals.

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