Meet frevvo v10

Your web forms just got even better.

frevvo already simplifies and eliminates common paper form processes with a simple-to-use, smart product, but the new version of frevvo makes it even easier.

What's new?

frevvo v10 takes web forms to the next level. With enhanced features, a more user-friendly interface, and major design upgrades, you’ll be impressed by the new frevvo.

The brand new interface is simple and intuitive, making the design process faster and even more fun. We hope you will love these enhancements as much as we do!

A completely redesigned user interface.

frevvo v10 boasts several improvements to the User Interface (UI) which make navigating projects, forms, and workflows simpler and more intuitive while still having sophisticated functionality. 

"My Projects" Homepage

The “My Projects” Homepage replaces the “My Applications” Homepage from prior versions.

Connecting Forms and Workflows

Within each project, forms and workflows are now listed together in the Forms and Workflows homepage. By default they are listed in order of last modified date. The user can sort the list based on last modified date or alphabetically using the sort icon above the list.

Guided Designers

The Form Designer and Workflow Designers have a new look with improvements to speed up your design process. The new navigation icons at the top of the page help you step through an efficient form/workflow design process, but you can also switch between them as needed with just a click.

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