Document Packaging with PackageWorks

When your organization creates a document package, there are a lot of pieces that must fall into place perfectly. For example, manufacturers need packaged documentation of Quality & Certifications, Engineering Change Notices, Change Orders, & Change Reports, Proof of Delivery Documents. Non-Profits may need to package client intake forms, incident reports, and other documents that need to comply with state regulations.

Document packaging isn’t exclusive to specific industries. Processes such as HR packages for employees, student records for schools, closing documents for real estate, and packages required for legal or accounting clients all require some form of document packaging and in turn, can benefit from PackageWorks.  

Organizations understand the value of managing and routing their documents through a digital automated process, but they may not know that more than just a single document can go through a workflow. With Epicor ECM PackageWorks, an entire document package can go through a streamlined workflow and be captured and routed the same way individual documents can in Epicor ECM. Any type of process which requires documents to be collected, stay together, and in certain cases, stop or start a workflow, is a prime candidate for PackageWorks.

Epicor ECM PackageWorks delivers streamlined, intelligent package-based workflows designed to increase productivity and ensure that document packages are consistent and complete. It allows you to define collections of document types and indicate whether they are required or optional. In addition, setting document and package-level due dates helps enable timely and thorough completion of workflows that require collections of documents.

Keep files together.

Incomplete and inaccurate document packages lead to a loss of time, productivity, and resources.

By integrating PackageWorks into your Document Management and Electronic Forms workflow you can capture, route, and approve an entire document package. 

Work smarter. PackageWorks allows your important business documents to be routed electronically and builds a document checklist designed to gather and track a set of documents necessary to complete a business workflow. Your employees are empowered to work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately. 

Why PackageWorks?

Cost & Time Savings

Eliminate costly and time-consuming document gathering and compliance guesswork

Better Client Relations

Process cases faster to improve client responsiveness

Enhanced Visibility & Control

Gain centralized document and status information and audit trails with quick, easy access

Exception Reporting

Clearly know what documents are required for the process and which documents are missing

Support Compliance Initiatives

Show auditors that an electronic process has been set up which is flexible by type of document

Where can you use PackageWorks?


For manufacturers who need to control the lifecycle of products created at multiple facilities, ensuring customs forms, and pieces of the product set are aligned and present

Human Resources

Create a virtual employee file folder, tracking all required documents for the applicant tracking, onboarding, and benefit elections

Housing Authorities

Manage the tenant file, expiring documents to comply with state and federal mandates


Manage the patient/client intake process, ensuring slots and documents meet certain time requirements by enforcing due dates to comply with state laws.


Keep your loan process tidy for either residential or commercial applicants. Enforce certain due dates, requirements and be notified of missing document slots

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