• Eliminate manual data entry and processing errors.
  • Cut your processing costs in half and process orders 80% faster.
  • Use automation to focus on customers not entering orders.
  • CFO's, controllers and customer service managers are looking for ways to streamline operations, reduce errors, lower costs and improve cash flow. With Smart Order Automation you can:

    • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) to free up and improve cash for more productive use.
    • Intelligent data capture and flexible workflows allow you to process orders quickly improving vendor or customer relations and
    • Reduce your order to cash cycle and reduce receivables.
    • Critical data is captured directly from your documents, validated and entered into your ERP system.
    • Your orders are stored in a central repository for quick, easy retrieval from any desktop or mobile device.
    • Process and track any order or claim with complete accuracy, visibility and efficiency.


    • Automatically process customer sales orders in paper or electronic format
    • Reduce receivables
    • Easily secure approvals and handle exceptions
    • Store all related documents such as purchase orders and invoices in a central repository for instant access
    • Audit trail to support internal controls and compliance
    • Powerful integration with ERP/accounting systems
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting

    Key Features of Sales Order Automation

    Image Acquisition/Import and Scanning

    • Scanner
    • MFP
    • Fax
    • Hot Folder Automaton
    • Browse for Images
    • Import Connectors
    • Multiple Watch Folders
    • XML Input Automation


    • Full-page OCR
    • Background Mode
    • Multi-CPU Support
    • Image Pre-processing
    • Automatic Documents Separation
    • Machine-print, hand-print text and checkmark recognition
    • Barcode Recognition
    • Table Extraction and Validation
    • Full-Text Indexing
    • Redaction
    • Flexible verification settings
    • Database Lookup Editor
    • Metadata Auto-fill


    • Auto-Find/Self Learning
    • Document Recognition
    • Automatic Classification
    • Data Extraction
    • Database Look-ups
    • Automatic Business Rules
    • Exception Handling
    • Auto-filing
    • Customized Naming


    • Low confident characters verification
    • Business Rule error validation
    • Document Reconciliation
    • 2 and 3-way matching


    • File
    • Database
    • Document Management System
    • Account Systems
    • Customer Export API
    • Full-text indexing
    • Auto-filing
    • Redaction


    • API-level Integration
    • Custom connectors with .NET Export API
    • Auto Export
    • OBDC/OLE DB support

    Learn the Basics of Sales Order Automation

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