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PIF Customer Education Event

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Thank you for attending our customer educational event on 3/21/2017

Hear what our customer had to say about it!

"It was great to network with others at various stages of Eclipse usage as well as meeting the faces behind the voices of the team."
-Living Innovations

"Thank you for the educational experience. I would look forward to attending another event in the future."

" was an entertaining and fun learning experience. the speakers were friendly, funny and informative. really good seminar! didn't even once struggle to stay awake! (that's a huge departure from the other seminars I've attended) A+. Great job!
-Haleys Metal

"Thank you for the opportunity. The event was fantastic and very informative!"
-Moore Service Center

"Overall I thought the seminar was great! The instructors where very informative and funny! Not boring at all which is a huge plus!"
-Mawn & Mawn

"The individual areas set up outside the lecture hall was very helpful to reach out to a PIF Tech employee or vendor with my individual questions."
-Perkins School

Customer Educational Event - 3/21/17

Sponsored by: PiF Technologies Partner - Panasonic

Many of our customers who have purchased DocStar DocStar or were converted from legacy DocStar have asked for additional training. As an additional benefit to your annual softcare contract, join fellow DocStar users for this two session, single day event. Learn how to use, manage and support your DocStar system as well as learn best practices from PIF and other customers with similar business processes.


Manchester Country Club
180 S River Rd, Bedford, NH 03110


TUESDAY, March 21st, 2017
Registration and Hot Breakfast: starting at 8:15AM
Session #1: End User Product Education (9:00AM - 12:00PM)
Buffet Lunch: 12:00-1:15PM
Session #2: Administrative Education (1:15PM - 4:15PM)
Register: Now Closed

End User Education: 9:00 – 12:00
Welcome 9:00 – 9:10
Introduction of DocStar 9:10 – 9:20
Retrieve 9:20 – 9:40
Edit 9:40 – 10:05
Break - Contest 10:05 – 10:15
Output 10:15 – 10:25
Capture/Indexing 10:25 – 11:05
Workflow 11:05 – 11:35
Eclipse Client 11:35 – 11:50
Break for Lunch - Contest 11:50 – 12:00
Administration Education: 1:15 – 4:15
Welcome 1:15 – 1:25
Manage 1:25 – 1:45
Licensing 1:45 – 2:15
Break - Contest 2:15 – 2:25
Process 2:25 – 3:00
Workflow 3:00 – 3:30
System Settings 3:30 – 3:40
IT Administration 3:40 – 4:10
Break -Contest 4:10 - 4:20

Topic/Subject Time/Length
End User Education 9:00 – 12:00
Introduction to DocStar

•        Logging into Eclipse & how to navigate to program
•        Eclipse user interface
o   Navigation panel (folders, inboxes and alerts)
o   Ribbon bar – retrieve, capture and workflow


o   How to create a saved search
o   How to use search bar and associated syntax
o   Use of wild cards
o   Results grid
§  Sorting
§  Column selector
§  Global replace
§  ACTIONS available within results grid
·        Export to CSV
·        Merge
·        Save a copy
o   Related Documents
o   Selecting multiple documents to view or index
o   User preferences – retrieve specific options


§  Annotations
·        Permissions required
·        Redactions
·        Rotating
§  Modify Security at document level
§  Page Options
·        Scan – add, replace or insert page
·        Delete
·        Burst Content Item
·        Split Item
·        Reorder
§  Set Page Start
§  Move to
§  Delete
§  View Native
§  Requeue Imaging
§  Document History Panel


•        Revision Control
o   Check-in/out process
o   Promote previous versions
o   What permissions are required for versioning?
o   Using Microsoft Office for Check-In process
o   Version Control panel and ACTION menu item
o   Draft vs Published
§ Draft owner
•        Email & Print filed documents
o   Attaching document in 4 file formats (zip, pdf, TIF or native)
o   Include annotation and redactions
o   Email internal hyperlink
o   Email external link
o   Password protect
o   Using SMTP or Outlook to send
•        Save a Copy (Export)
o   Importance of title


•        Desktop Scan
o   Using client app for connecting to local scanner
o   Separation settings
o   Scan settings – dpi/resolution, type (b/w, color, greyscale), auto size detection
o   Use of workflow and Content Types
•        Import of ad-hoc electronic documents
o   Client app for selecting multiple files through Browse
o   Auto view

§  Content Fields
·        Manual entry
·        Moving fields around in Content Fields
§  Lasso OCR
§  Zone OCR
·        Configure within Content Type builder when inside document viewer
·        OCR workflow step, Get Region
§  Full text content searching
·        Show Hits
·        Show Document Text


o   Workflow ribbon bar item
o   What is Work Items?
o   What is Approval Requests?
o   What is Dashboard?
o   Creating ad-hoc/built-in Workflows
§  Set Due Date
§  Request Approval
·        “Approvals” panel
o   Reset, remove and assign workflows
o   Chat window
o   User preferences for workflow
§  Submission button action

Eclipse Client

§  Print Driver
§  Microsoft Office Connector for Eclipse
§  Batch Import
·        Where to configure batch import
·        How to set timer for pickup of documents on timed basis
·        Email monitoring
·        Desktop drag n’ drop functionality
§  Kiosk Mode

BREAK for Lunch 12:15 – 1:15

Administration Education 1:15 – 4:15

•        Users / Groups
o   Authentication providers. Configuring LDAP or SAML.
o   Admin rights – description of each feature access permission
•        Security Classes*
•        Password management
•        Buzz Space
o   Creating HTML content in Buzz space
o   Multiple Buzz spaces
•        Stamps
o   Creating image and text stamps
•        Index
o   Where is the document index stored?
o   Apache Tomcat windows service for SOLR
o   Reindexing database index for keyword searching


•        Review licensing configuration – where to review enabled/disabled licensing
•        Audit Trail
•        Recycle bin
•        Distributed Queue
•        Client application
o   Where to find executable
o   How to configure scanner
o   Batch importing
o   Import errors
o   Module installation


•        Content Type builder
o   Parameters
§ Related document linking
§ Eye – show/hide fields
§ ZONE OCR templating while in Document Viewer
o   Fields
§ Data Type options
§ Formats
o   Field Groups
§ Line Item tabular data
o   Lists – how to create drop down lists and associate with field
•        DataLink
o   Populating drop down lists via data link


•        Workflow Designer
o   How to create new workflows
§ One step vs multi-step workflows
§ Building workflow logic – order of functions, one or multiple actions within a step
o   High level overview of the 73 functions and most commonly used functions
o   Explain the difference between client, user initiated and system triggered workflows
o   Inputs and Outputs
o   System variables (e.g. $Text, $Assignee)
•        The difference between legacy DocStar template vs DocStar Content Types and Workflows
•        Records Management
o   Creating record categories
o   Record freeze/unfreeze

System Settings

•        IP Restrictions
•        System Settings – configuration settings and defaults

IT Administrator

•        Eclipse setup and installation executable
o   Upgrading and installing DocStar
o   Changing mail and server settings
•        Window Services – what each DocStar window service
o   Automation Service
o   Database Maintenance
o   Distributed Queue Monitor
o   Import Job Maintenance
o   LDAP Monitor Service
o   License Monitor Service
o   Records Management Service
o   Schedule
o   Workflow Management
•        Cloud backup
o   Desktop Cloudberry application
o   Changing frequency of backup