Automate Deal Jackets and Service Records

Auto dealers manage dozens of different documents every day from financing and insurance to titles to warranties and repair orders. PiF Technologies creates customized document management solutions for automotive dealerships to capture, index and retrieve business critical documents such as repair orders, deal jackets, accounts payable, and parts invoices.   Storing your documents in a central repository means you will never lose or misplace another document again.

  • Find documents instantly improving employee productivity and customer service.
  • Simplify your warranty audits and ensure your deal jackets have everything that is required by OEM guidelines.
  • Field-based search assists in discovering documents related to repair orders for warranty audits.
  • All of your documents are immediately available allowing you to handle mail-out audits quickly by providing in compliance deal jackets to manufacturers electronically.
  • Our systems allow you to scan documents and find related documents by any criteria you specify including:  RO/service order, RO date, Make, VIN, deal date, stock number, customer name, invoice numbers, purchase order and more.
  • You can store your technician notes with your repair orders making it easy to review a vehicles service record.
  • Secure web-based access allows your to configure your users according to your own security needs providing access to service managers and other employees and  third parties.
  • With the ability to retrieve related documents dealerships can instantly get a unified view of any customer or vehicle.

You can also manage financing documents, vehicle invoices, vehicle titles, rental agreements, insurance contracts including legal size documents.  Our flexible solutions increase efficiency, improve customer service and lower the cost of handling warranty audits.  The DocStar content management system integrates with DealerTrack Technologies, DealerBuilt, DDS, PBS Systems, Auto/Mate and other SQL/OBDC compliant business applications.




Core Business Application Integrations

We create solutions tightly integrated with the leading ERP solutions and other core business applications including Reynolds & Reynolds, DealerTrack, DealerBuilt, Debuque Data Systems (DDS), PBS Systems and Auto/Mate allowing you to enter your documents and data in one step while storing them in the document management system. DocStar can be integrated with any MS SQL/OBDC compliant systems.

Dealertrack Technologies

 DealerTrack Integration

The DealerTrack OpenTrack program provides secure, real-time, bi-directional integration between the Dealertrack DMS and the DocStar enterprise content management system. OpenTrack offers connectivity with six unique touch points, including deals, service, parts, inventory, accounting and customers. With OpenTrack, solution providers can deliver optimum performance through their unique applications, and dealerships have the freedom and flexibility to determine how to best operate their business.  The DocStar alliance with DealerTrack technologies web-enabled Dealer Management System for the automotive retail industry shows a firm commitment to helping automotive businesses increase productivity and operational efficiency by managing critical business documents like deal jackets and repair orders.


Find out more about how DocStar solutions help the world’s largest Ford dealership and other automotive retailers.


    • Capture, store, and distribute documents into one central document repository
    • Intelligent data capture
      • Import from external sources - scan, fax, email, printer, hard drive
      • Full text OCR
      • Indexing and Tagging
      • Barcode recognition
      • Link related documents
    • Search and Retrieval
      • Instant document retrieval
      • Full text searching
      • Field and meta data searching
      • Boolean Search
      • Document Previews
      • Hotkey access within your core business system
    • Workflow automation
      • Content collaboration
      • Automate tasks for contract management and approval
      • Pre-define documentation requirements, approval steps and due dates
      • Collaborative workflows include alerts, approvals, reporting and annotation
      • Distribute documents for approvals
      • Create document checklists to identify missing documents quickly
      • Exception Support
    • Compliance
      • Version control
      • Audit Trails
      • Data Redaction
      • Record Retention Management
      • Litigation Hold Support
      • Time and Date Stamp
      • Electronic Signature
      • Native File Support
    • Security
      • Active Directory/LDAP single sign on
      • Access management for security compliance
      • Version control and audit trails
      • Document authentication
      • Segregated and secured personnel folders
    • Disaster Recovery
      • Encrypted back-up
      • Secure SSL Document Upload
      • Daily Back-up
      • Redundant Data Center
      • Recovery within 48 hours


      • Instant document retrieval
      • Reduce physical storage costs
      • Reduce manual data entry errors
      • Data privacy compliance
      • Rapid deployment
      • Faster OEM Audit Management
      • Business system integration