100+ New England Insurance Companies Use PiF Solutions

Control the Paper Nightmare. Tight Integration with TAM, AMS360, Sagitta

PiF Technologies creates customized document management solutions for the insurance and benefit administration industry to scan, index, store and manage critical paper and electronic documents. Insurance and benefits administration are paper intensive businesses. Reducing costs and increasing service levels and operational efficiencies provides a competitive advantage that is vital to success.

  • Dealing with claims processing, provider contracts and client files involve a variety of documents from customers and service providers.
  • Intelligent document and data capture is a critical priority for financial services firms.

The ever changing regulatory landscape creates increasing complexity for the industry.

  • Compliance issues, auditability and basic document tracking are often disparate functions but with our solutions they don’t have to be.
  • Automating your claims processes can save significant staff time and reduce the need for physical storage space.
  • Spend less time on administration and more time on your customers and core business activities.

Our solutions help you develop efficient processes to maintain and track the mountains of documents you deal with every day streamlining processes, increasing customer service, ensuring compliance and reducing costs. A secure web-based interface provides access to documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. Let us help you with a document management solution customized for your business.

Core Business Application Integrations

We create solutions tightly integrated with the leading core business applications and insurance agency management systems allowing you to enter your documents and data in one step while storing them in the document management system. DocStar can be integrated with any MS SQL/OBDC compliant systems including Salesforce CRM, Lotus Notes, Applied’s TAM, Vertafore’s AMS 360, Sagitta and Special Agent.


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    • Capture, store and distribute documents into one central document repository
    • Intelligent data capture
      • Import from external sources - scan, fax, email, printer, hard drive
      • Full text OCR
      • Indexing and Tagging
      • Barcode recognition
      • Link related documents
    • Search and Retrieval
      • Instant document retrieval
      • Full text searching
      • Field and meta data searching
      • Boolean Search
      • Document Previews
      • Hotkey access within your core business system
    • Workflow automation
      • Content collaboration
      • Automate tasks for contract management and approval
      • Pre-define documentation requirements, approval steps and due dates
      • Collaborative workflows include alerts, approvals, reporting and annotation
      • Distribute documents for approvals
      • Create document checklists to identify missing documents quickly
      • Exception Support
    • Compliance
      • Version control
      • Audit Trails
      • Data Redaction
      • Record Retention Management
      • Litigation Hold Support
      • Time and Date Stamp
      • Electronic Signature
      • Native File Support
    • Security
      • Active Directory/LDAP single sign on
      • Access management for security compliance
      • Version control and audit trails
      • Document authentication
      • Segregated and secured personnel folders
    • Disaster Recovery
      • Encrypted back-up
      • Secure SSL Document Upload
      • Daily Back-up
      • Redundant Data Center
      • Recovery within 48 hours


      • Instant document retrieval
      • Reduce physical storage costs
      • Reduce manual data entry errors
      • Reduce errors and omissions risks
      • Data privacy compliance
      • Rapid deployment
      • Regulatory Compliance:  HIPAA, FMLA, SOX, Graham-Leach-Bliley, SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, NASD 3010 & NYSE 342
      • Business system integration