Accounting departments, human resource departments, engineering departments and other administrative functions are driven by reams of paper and electronic documents.

  • Use your space and time to generate profits by capturing, indexing and storing your paper and electronic documents.
  • Find any document and all related documents in the central repository in seconds.
  • Use workflow automation to route documents, create automated alerts and generate electronic approvals to decrease your document processing time.
  • Accelerate management of audits and prove compliance with audit tracking.
  • Secure, customized, permission-based solutions help you meet strict regulatory guidelines.
  • Seamless integration with your business applications means you can automate your administrative functions to focus on your core business and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Advanced OCR features such as smart data capture help you reduce manual data entry errors, extracting and validating data against your ERP and other systems.

Our document management solutions are designed to automate your business processes, improve vendor management, deliver better customer service, increase employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction.  Any company, any department, any process can benefit from implementing an enterprise content system.

PiF Technologies has earned a reputation for excellence in document management implementations and is recognized as the number one of the top resellers in the United States. We have helped 2000+ companies achieve efficiencies, lower risks, and reduce administrative costs.

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