Backfile Conversion

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  • Backfile Conversion Plan
  • Document Pick-up
  • Document Storage during the conversion
  • Scanning and Indexing
  • Loading documents in toEclipseordocSTAR
  • Document Back-up
  • Document Destruction

    Would your organization benefit from reducing physical storage requirements and paper documents?

    Converting your paper documents to fully indexed,instantly retrievable electronic files prevents data loss,reduces physical storage costs,saves time and allows your employees to focus on revenue generating activities. Are your employees spending to much time traveling to off-site storage facilities to locate documents and searching in dusty boxes stored in attics,garages and storage rooms? Are you storing documents in filing cabinets that are non-fireproof in facilities that lack security? Documents of all kinds,shapes and sizes from CAD drawings to bills and invoices can easily be scanned or imported and securely stored in a central document repository. Our conversion process creates electronic copies that are legally acceptable,audit-approved and always backed up.We can help you create a plan to scan,store and index your legacy paper documents using docSTAR.

    30-50%of your employees time is spent searching for documents

    What would you do if your documents were lost? 

    Most companies still relying primarily on paper store their documents in filing cabinets and bankers boxes. Unless you are using fireproof filing cabinets,your documents could be lost if there is a natural disaster or fire. Is your off-site storage facility,warehouse,garage,basement or file room really secure? Are you using disaster vulnerable local back-up technology?

    Only 6%of businesses are still in business 2 years after a major data loss

    59%of small businesses do not have a contingency plan for data loss

    Legacy record scanning and importing helps you:

    • Prevent data loss
    • Reduce physical storage costs
    • Reduce storage costs
    • Improve worker productivity by eliminating time consuming document searches

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