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Support In-Office and Remote Employees with Web Forms

For many organizational leaders, their first priority right now is keeping their employees safe, but a very close second is ensuring that they can complete their jobs successfully. Web Forms can help with both.

The office looks a lot different these days. For remote employees, their dining rooms, bedrooms, and even closets have become their cubicles. For employees returning back into the office, they’ve likely found that their desks are spaced out, common areas are closed off, and many coworkers are still remote.

Web Forms have helped our customers replace clunky, inefficient paper forms for years, but given the current state of the workplace, we’ve found that they’ve proven to be necessary for the 2020 office.

Human Resource Forms for Current Employees and New Hires

Web Forms are designed to support Human Resources in all aspects of their work, from hiring to retiring.

If your employees currently complete their timesheets and time-off requests on paper, accurately tracking hours remotely can be a challenge. Web Forms can simplify timesheets for both your employees and your HR team, and with them being accessible from anywhere, remote employees can complete them wherever they are.

Are you hiring? Many organizations are now adding new staff to help meet new demand, improve their efficiency, and continue to build their business. Hiring during these times can be a challenge, interviews are held over video, onboarding packages are being mailed to homes, and new hires are meeting their coworkers over Zoom happy hours or through messaging channels.

Web Forms can streamline key hiring forms such as:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Open Enrollment & Benefits Elections
  • I-9 & W-4
  • 401K & Direct Deposit
  • Background Checks

Web Forms can also be utilized for expense reporting, which in an organization where employees are spread across multiple locations can help provide visibility to where funds are being spent.

Purchasing and Delivery

Does your organization provide products or services?

While paper order forms, proof of delivery forms, and delivery checklists get the job done, managing receiving these forms is frustrating and inefficient. Missing or incorrect forms can lead to issues with clients, and delays in payment.

Transforming these paper forms into sleek, user-friendly web forms can provide more clarity within your purchasing and delivery process.

Web Forms not only allow your purchasing process to be streamlined, it can also help protect your employees. Rather than carrying piles of paper forms, delivery drivers can simply use a tablet to get signatures of approval and complete proof of delivery forms, which can then be sanitized between each delivery, reducing the risk of virus spread.

Safe-Entry Forms for In-Office Employees

As offices begin to open back up, there hasn’t been a clear “one-size-fits-all” solution for how to handle getting employees back at their desks. As a result, every organization has been tasked with figuring out what works best for their location, industry, and team.

One way that returning to work can be managed is by coming up with an effective way to contract trace in the event of an infection within the office. Self-reporting is a simple way to monitor the health of your employees as a whole, with little change to their typical daily routine.

Most organizations have attempted this by simply giving employees a paper form each day, but this can be time-consuming for them to complete, add additional work for HR or operations employees, and if someone indicates symptoms or exposure, you won’t be notified immediately.

Our Safe-Entry Web Forms can be completed on any device, and provide immediate notification via text or email if symptoms are reported. Human Resources can review daily summaries and indicate if someone did not complete the form, providing visibility as well as reducing their workload.

Why now is a great time for Web Forms

In this current age of adaptation, your employees are used to changing up the way “things have always been done.” Making the decision now to invest in Web Forms not only alleviates the pain points caused by the current situation, but it also sets your organization up for success long term.

Not only are Web Forms a strong investment for your organization, they’re also incredibly easy to set up and implement. Our team of experts has experience creating custom forms to fit any need, and they can help you determine exactly what your organization needs.

Learn more by scheduling a demo with one of our Web Forms experts here.

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