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Create a more secure print environment, reduce costs, and make printing easily accessible

Increased security for your entire print environment

Many MFPs and printers are considered to be “open points” for malicious actors and hackers. As these devices often handle sensitive financial and personnel data, keeping them secure should be a priority for your organization.

Protect data at all points during the print process.

Prevent malicious acts and protect sensitive data and your employees.
Validate users before hitting print
Trace jobs back to the user and device
Watermark documents

Print from anywhere

Employees can print to any device, from any device, no matter where they are. 

Enable greater flexibility and productivity, while maintaining the monitoring and control capabilities you need.

Simplify the print process

Manage just one secure print queue rather than separate queues for each device. 

Users are able to send jobs to a central queue and release it from any authorized printer. 

A broken device won’t bring print jobs to a halt since users can simply select another nearby.

Designed to be flexible and scalable

Help your devices go even further

No matter how many devices are in your organization, Cloud printing can adapt to your unique needs. There’s no loss in visibility and you can get the same important granular data if you have 10 devices or 10,000.

Better for the planet and for your wallet

Reduce printing costs by up to 20%

Wasted prints, excess blank pages, overused toner, and other print jobs can quickly pile up and create waste for your organization. 

Aside from the financial impact of overprinting, print waste is a problem for organizations looking to be eco-friendly. 

Print Management software can allow for custom eco-friendly options and print job attributes that actively reduce waste.

A better copier experience with PiF and Ricoh

No hidden costs, no gimmicks, no headaches

Experience the difference working with PiF and Ricoh

Why PiF? We understand copier management.

With over 25 years of experience building and providing document solutions, we know what it takes to offer top-of-the-line print technology with exceptional service. 

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