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Paper doesn't work anymore.

It's time to evolve from your current, outdated systems.

No more paper piles & overstuffed filing cabinets

Document management is a better, smarter solution

By digitizing your storage, you can eliminate paper and save your employees’ time and resources – ultimately saving you money. 

What's the impact of sticking with paper?

Paper problems are often overlooked, but the consequences of managing your documents manually can quickly add up.


of business owners want to access files remotely

Professionals spend


of their time searching for information

Over 21%

of daily productivity loss can be attributed to document issues

Document Management helps you

Eliminate Paper

Simplify your processes

Save Money

Any file. Anywhere. Anytime.

Easily access any document, without getting up from your desk.

Document Management is web-based and mobile-ready, meaning you can access what you need, when you need it. 

Free your staff to focus on more valuable tasks and never lose or misplace a file again.

What is Document Management?

At its most basic level, a Document Management system scans, captures, retrieves, and stores documents digitally in a central location.

Also known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management is the solution when your organization needs granular document and content type security with specific feature access permissions (such as who can email, print, view, approve, annotate).

Do more than just scan, file, and retrieve.

We go beyond record retention, providing document driven workflow automation.

For organizations looking to utilize Document Management to drive advanced workflows, we can help. 

Document Management is one piece of our advanced automation solutions, and can help your organization build smart customized workflows that drive information from one system to another with minimal human intervention.

Our solution is flexible, scalable and affordable to meet the needs of small organizations, enterprise environments and everything in between.

Have questions about Document Management?

Always Secure.

Documents are held in a secure single repository, and allow you to maintain a consistent life-cycle.

  • Document level security
  • Password-protected document links
  • Audit trails
  • Standing encryption
  • Freeze and retain records
  • Built-in state and federal compliance

How can Document Management help your business?

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Utilize Artificial Intelligence to capture and validate data

Intelligent Data Capture helps you eliminate manual data entry

Through Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) your organization can double or triple the output of staff members processing inbound forms, without making them work harder.

IDC is designed to eliminate manual data entry from every paper document you may have. This includes any form, invoice, remittance, purchase order, or any other type of document you come across in order to complete your daily tasks.

Significantly reduce your headcount and give your employees more valuable tasks to focus on – rather than spend hours and hours completing manual data entry.

Learn more about Document Management

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