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Meet the AP Automation of the future.

Manually processing invoices is so 1999.

Intelligent Document Processing - Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Process invoices like never before

Automated Document Extraction allows you to index faster using the power of AI and a crowd-sourced engine of nearly every invoice in the world. 

What does this mean for you?

No more teaching systems to recognize the invoices you see every day, and no more complicated indexing and classifying of data.

Outdated Processes are holding your business back.

“We’ve always done it this way” no longer works.

Access data in a conversational format

Whether its updating a status of an invoice, or approving invoices by typing in the invoice number and “approved”, accounting just got a lot easier.

No need for AP clerks to run reports and troubleshoot processing of invoices. 

Simply ask the chat bot questions like “What are my outstanding invoices with no PO’s?”, “What is the total amount of invoices process this week?” and receive answers with immediate text based responses with buttons to take action.

  • Backed by Microsoft Copilot – you can find, approve, and manage invoices by simply asking.
  • No more complex search funnels 
  • Receive notifications directly in Teams for approvals and other tasks 

Use Microsoft Power Platform to its full potential

  • Leverage your investment with the Microsoft 365 Power Platform 
  • Add structure, compliance, and intelligent document viewing to your existing system. 
  • Let Sharepoint operate as a robust ECM without the hassle and expense of custom development. 

Ready for the future of AP?

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