Don’t Take No For An Answer

Ratchet-X and the Power of the Magic Button
Integrate any application with any data source – Period!

Every day, software users are told to make do with applications that don’t integrate with the world around them. Copy, paste, re-key, fix errors and keep quiet. By design, applications are silos of data and functionality that only allow you to do part of what you need done. It’s maddening.

Put an end to the madness. Liberate your applications with Ratchet-X and make software work for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if every application had a Magic button that…

  • allows you to customize the software you use so it performs the specific functions you need…
  • integrates those applications with the other systems you need to get work done…
  • empowers you to deploy user-centric solutions giving you greater control over the information you need – when you need it and where you need it?

Well, with Ratchet-X, now you can. And the best part about it is you can add that magic button to your applications without having to modify them in any way. You read that correctly. No changes to your existing applications.

Ratchet-X is a highly innovative, robotic process automation solution that allows you expand and enhance information access to existing applications so they contribute more to your processes, productivity and performance.

If your organization is looking for better integration of its systems, improve the utilization and return on its IT assets and searching for greater operational productivity, then Ratchet-X is what you’re been looking for.

RPA Built for DocStar ECM

The RatchetSoft Action Pack for DocStar includes pre-built functionality such as image enabling and bi-directional data integration. Utilizing RatchetX desktop client, users can select the Magic button from the Windows title bar of your favorite line of business system to execute a dynamic search, and/or move data from one system to another. For example, in the image below a user select the “Jump To” command which searches DocStar by an employee name of Oscar Madisox. When the W4 is returned, data contained in the My CRM application is pushed into Content Type fields within the waiting DocStar document viewer.

Want to test your application’s compatibility before downloading?

Do you want to test your application to see if it’s compatible with Ratchet-X? Download the MyScreenTester utility now and have an answer in just a few minutes.