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A focus on the environment.

Learn about the Eco-friendly features that make Ricoh stand out.

If you had to choose between reducing your carbon footprint and maintaining office productivity, which would you choose?

It may surprise you to learn that you can have both! There is a common misconception that green technologies compromise the way you work – but the right technology infrastructure can give you the tools to go green while maintaining optimum productivity for your workforce.

Reduce Paper Usage

Paper can be very useful, but it has a major impact on the environment when wasted or used incorrectly. With an “only what you need” approach to using paper, you not only save trees but also water and energy.

Avoid Printing Blank Pages
Print on both sides of the paper
Combine printing multiple pages onto one
Eliminate redundant copies
Sample print before committing to a large print job

Save Energy

Ricoh multifunction devices come equipped with energy-saving features right out of the box to help you save on energy costs.

Sleep Mode Timer
Eco-Night Sensor
Toner and Service Alerts
Ricoh Toner Cartridge Recycling
Limit Ink and Toner Usage

Invest in a device that's good for your budget and the environment.

Meet Ricoh GreenLine

Like new quality

Every device is certified via ISO 9001:2008 (manufacturing), ISO 14001:2004 (environmental), and UL Remanufactured.

Ricoh follows a process to get to “like-new” quality; including steps such as:

  • Panel Refinishing
  • Teardown and Cleaning
  • Sub-Assembly Cleaning and Repair 
  • Chassis Cleaning, Repair, and Reassembly
  • Standard Parts Replacement
  • Troubleshooting, Testing, Adjustment
  • Software/Firmware Updates
  • Final Testing & Inspection

Why Ricoh Greenline?





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