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Modern Document Automation.

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Supercharge SharePoint.

SharePoint is prone to content sprawl. We can help you make all your documents easily accessible, all in one place.

We enable organizations to use SharePoint as their robust document and records management system. We can help you add structure, compliance, and intelligent document viewing to your solution that isn’t part of your out-of-the-box SharePoint investment. 

Document Automation at your fingertips

(without any developing)

Our solution sits in Azure, and does not require Microsoft licensing restrictions such as premium connectors, storage limits per user, and sync limits within your SharePoint library.

All of your data and documents stay within your M365 subscription, ensuring data compliance and governance, and ease of adoption for end-users. 

Make the most out of your SharePoint invesment.

With solutions designed to seamlessly sit atop your existing SharePoint solution, you can enhance the technology you already have.


Challenges with SharePoint

  • Clunky viewing experience
  • Content sprawl and duplication
  • Missing metadata
  • Misfiled documents
  • Limited personalization
  • Limited Outlook integration 
  • Bespoke third-party integrations
  • Complex implementations
  • Difficult to replicate across departments
  • Costly to build and maintain
  • Minimal support for scanned documents
  • Minimal PDF format support
  • Manual annotation and redaction

Enhancements with Automation

  • Single view and instant document access
  • Organized classification structure
  • Automated metadata structure
  • Automated document filing
  • Bookmarks, predefined, and contextual views
  • Outlook App for email attachment/filing
  • Low-code or native third party interfaces
  • Out-of-the-box standardized implementation
  • Easily scalable through configuration 
  • Inclusive support and updates
  • Direct ingestion of scanned documents
  • PDF conversion and manipulation
  • Annotations and redaction for PDFs
  • Enhanced integration
  • Automated retention and disposition

What features do we offer to help supercharge SharePoint?

Our HTML5 document viewer enables document manipulation and annotations to support real world business use cases. Supporting over 70+ different document formats, removes the need for users to open native applications.

SharePoint has never really addresses document manipulation, conversion, enhancements and has focused primarily on infrastructure. Our solution extends SharePoint with focus to document actions that Microsoft has not developed.

Present documents in a configurable and structured context, allowing users to explore and search records by metadata. Filter documents by sections with a metadata value with bread crumb-type controls. For example, to filter an HR onboarding folder or set of records, a metadata field like Document Type which contain sections of an employee folder like Performance, Onboarding, Benefits and Post Hiring forms, can be used to display only required results.

SharePoint out of the box only allows searching by folder or file names and not the content of the document or  metadata fields.

Enable users to quickly find applicable documents in large document sets through free text search and configurable metadata filters. For example a user could quickly find all “Approved” “Contracts” “Created” in the last 90 days.

Search for documents you would like to distribute to internal or external parties. Create digital briefcases to share documents with granular permissions and retention controls. This tool is ideal for audits or simply controlling access for sharing purposes.

Users can annotate and redact documents from within SharePoint to avoid opening 3rd party apps. Get document manipulation functionality directly within SharePoint. Any changes will not comprise the original document, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Building upon Microsoft SharePoint standard records management capabilities, we add support for complex retention scheduling rules and are exposed through Power Automate flows or a button press after selecting a document.

Assure that documents are consistently captured and filed in the correct SharePoint location using the configurable metadata document routing engine. This assures that documents can be easily found and the correct retention schedules are applied. Additionally documents can be captured in batches, even retroactively capturinging documents already in SharePoint.

Enable automatic document format conversion for automatically filed documents to comply with common records management, archive, and regulatory compliance mandates.

Automatically attach business data to document metadata through no-code integration. For example, automatically add patient demographic data to filed documents, enabling automatic filing and complex retention schedule assignment.

Seamlessly save emails and attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook. Create a simple workflow for users regularly exchanging documents by email.

Break Glass allows for highly confidential documents to be accessed in the event of an emergency by sharing a clear reason which will be stored in the audit trail. Users then have time restricted access to these documents. This feature can be turned on/off for specific use cases.

Get out of the box Dynamics 365 integration, allowing filing of documents in the context of Dynamics CRM or Finance. For example, in an HR scenario, an employee ID can be entered and all other pertinent employee metadata can be indexed into the document. Such metadata terms as employee name, department, date of hire, security access, etc.

Our advanced audit engine captures all user and admin actions enabling advanced reporting. Records managers are also provided with common regulatory reports above SharePoint’s standard capabilities.

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