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Automating DOT Forms

Most organizations who manufacture or distribute products rely on a fleet of drivers to ensure their products get to the right place at the right time. By hiring efficient, competent drivers, you can ensure your brand is well-represented and your partners and customers are happy.

How do you ensure that the drivers you hire are compliant with state-specific DOT regulations?

By implementing a smart web forms solution.

How do web forms integrate with your DOT onboarding?

The typical process when certifying drivers begins at the application stage. Basic background information is entered, along with 10 years of consecutive previous work history, 3 years of previous address history, accident history, and any additional qualifying qualifying questions.

Often organizations require this process to be completed on paper, which is tedious and time consuming, and also prone to errors.

By implementing multiple dynamic forms, you simplify the driver application and seamlessly feed the information into your background check software portal.

How does the process work?

One of our top customers utilizes our web forms solution exclusively for onboarding drivers. Each applicant goes through a 3 stage DOT and motor vehicle background checks process that is fully integrated into PiF’s web forms.

First, candidates complete the driver application form alongside a local HR manager. By utilizing an integration with their workforce management software, once the applicant enters their Social Security Number the PiF Integration Agent (IA)  pre-loads all the applicant’s data (e.g. DOB, address, previous work history, etc). The appropriate state forms and workflow based on the state and type of employment then dynamically display for the applicant to complete.

Once the statement of on-duty hours, driving record review, safety performance history and driver license compliance forms are completed by the candidate, the PiF IA automatically places a stage 2 MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) background check order with our client’s EasyBackground web based portal. The results for the MVR are quickly reviewed within the portal in 3 minutes, after which the HR manager reviews the results.  

After the MVR background comes back clean and the HR manager wants to move the applicant to the next step, the candidate will once again enter the workflow and complete the state specific DOT forms. PiF Smart Web Forms can immediately discern the current state (based on the business address and employee’s address) and displays the appropriate forms dynamically.

Once the DOT form is completed, the PiF IA places a stage 3 DOT order with their background check software. The DOT background check results are reviewed within Easybackgrounds’ web portal and once the HR manager decides they’d like the candidate to move forward, they complete the final Driver Consent form.

Rather than copy and paste the data into PDFs and other documents, the software automatically overlays the webform data onto your existing onboarding PDFs. It also uploads the data from the PiF IA into the customer’s background check web portal order for that candidate.

Upon final completion a digital checklist web form is launched and is placed under the candidates name in the HR manager’s task list. The checklist form will remain open while the driver tests out their driving skills on the company course as well as other post on-boarding activities.

The PiF IA then records the date of signature by the candidate and adds one year for notifications of expiration of DOT certification. HR managers now have a running report of all expiring employee certifications to ensure compliance with state mandates.

Why web forms?

The aforementioned process, while still possible, would be a complete hassle to complete without web forms. The candidate would have to complete the forms on paper, manually writing in each step, or by PDF and handling quirky formatting to probably enter the information. Once each form is completed, the HR manager would have to type or re-type the information into their HRIS and background check software.

Without automated web forms, this process could easily take twice as long. Additionally, candidates may become fed up during the process and may not even complete it. Web forms are a better solution for both your employees and your potential candidates.  

Still not sure if a PiF web forms solution is a good fit? Schedule a call with one of our experts.

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