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PiF Technologies has partnered with Blue Ridge

PiF Technologies is no stranger to evolution. In our 28 years in business, we’ve focused on identifying ways to continually provide value to organizations that still rely on manual processes. We know this is a journey we can’t make alone, and through our strategic partnerships, we can utilize our collective technologies to create one supercharged solution.  

 We’re thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Blue Ridge.  

 Our collective goal is to optimize how distributors handle data across integrated systems. This partnership with Blue Ridge is a game-changer that empowers distributors to streamline operations, eliminate manual errors, and gain unprecedented control over their supply chain operations and planning. Chief Revenue Officer for PiF, Bill Mirabile, couldn’t be more excited, “partnering alongside Blue Ridge is a pivotal step in our growth in the beverage and foodservice distribution space. Working within their ecosystem means we can continue to provide unmatched value to our mutual customers.”

What does Blue Ridge do?

Blue Ridge, based out of the Atlanta, GA area, provides Supply Chain Planning software that improves forecasting precision and inventory optimization with an unmatched reinforced expertise so you can eliminate guesswork and maximize inventory performance. 

 Blue Ridge offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution that empowers planners to effortlessly handle intricate supply chain configurations and navigate complex demand patterns. This cutting-edge technology streamlines operations and provides predictive insights and precise buying recommendations based on comprehensive details so their customers are always prepared and in control, ready to make fast and accurate planning decisions. Their software ensures you have the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time so you can save money while improving customer fill rates. Blue Ridge customers leverage their powerful solution to improve cash flow and increase profitability by optimizing spending, increasing fill rates, and reducing overstock and lost sales.  

 When working with Blue Ridge, you’ll not only experience software that exponentially improves the precision of your supply chain planning, you will also experience a partnership that is committed to your success. Their unmatched LifeLine expert team provides regular coaching sessions that will help get you the most value out of your Blue Ridge software and simplify buying complexity. Blue Ridge will stand by you so that you can Be Supply Chain Invincible.

How do PiF and Blue Ridge work together?

Almost every common business process starts with a document and ends with data. Whether the data needs to be entered into an ERP or line of business application or stored securely in a central repository, PiF Technologies offers the solution to transform the documents you have into the data you need.  

Through our tailored Blue Ridge integration, we, as PiF Technologies, play a crucial role in streamlining supply chain planning processes and eliminating manual data entry for distributors. Our solution enters data from Purchase Orders into their ERP based on the recommendations of Blue Ridge’s dynamic supply chain intelligence, including order quantities, locations, vendors, and other factors. Users submit an XML file via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and then our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, powered by UiPath, extracts and inputs data into the relevant fields of the Purchase Order screen within our customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). This transformation replaces what was once a labor-intensive task with efficient automation. 

As a leading integrator of document and data automation solutions, PiF specializes in implementing and supporting cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning (ML). Our mission is to tackle operational inefficiencies head-on, particularly in manual data entry processes, by harnessing technology to automate tasks and streamline previously manual processes. 

Within the beer, wine, and spirits sector, a key industry we serve, we cater to approximately 50 beer distributors nationwide. Our primary focus in this industry lies in revolutionizing their operations through our Accounts Payable Automation solution, eliminating vendor invoices’ manual handling. This initiative has resulted in substantial savings in both time and costs for our clients. This is the sector where our strategic partnership with Blue Ridge will have the most significant impact, and we’re excited to bring these benefits to our partners and clients. 

Expanding our efforts into Supply Chain Planning automation with our Blue Ridge partnership will result in even more time and cost savings for clients leveraging the solution. Using the combined power of Blue Ridge and PiF Technologies, organizations can optimize their operations, streamline their supply chain planning processes, and drive greater success in their business endeavors. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction, improved profitability, and a competitive edge in the market.

Want to work with PiF and Blue Ridge to streamline your Supply Chain and Accounting Operations?

Let’s chat! Automation helps create long-term success through efficiency, error reduction, and resource allocation. Both Blue Ridge and PiF Technologies have experience building customized and powerful solutions for distributors of all sizes across the country. By working with our professional services team and the experts at Blue Ridge, we can help you identify opportunities to optimize your operations.  

 To start, fill out the form below to connect with us. Our team will quickly answer any questions and guide you through implementing automation in your organization.

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