From our partner: “HR Automation pays big dividends”

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Standing out as an employer

With unemployment its lowest since 1969, more and more organizations are searching for ways to stand out to potential employees.

New employee gifts, silly recruitment videos, and Instagram-worthy offices may seem like a draw for employees. But, if your hiring and onboarding process is difficult or a pain to complete, you won’t be able to attract or retain great employees.

To attract, recruit, and keep the best hires for your organization, your HR department must move beyond manual processes and implement automation technology.

This article from frevvo, one of PiF’s technology partners, explains how you can improve your HR department with automation, and gives great insight about why you should do it!

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If you’re looking for an HR automation solution, don’t go it alone. Let PiF design the best frevvo web forms solution to fit your needs, one that pairs perfectly with a document management and workflow automation system. 

Email marketing@piftech.com or call 888.934.4443 to learn more.

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