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Your hiring process contains multiple crucial steps to ensure that each new person you bring into your organization is going to be a productive team member and an asset to your business. One of these steps is conducting extensive background checks, drug and DMV record searches, and other reports.

By conducting these checks, you can feel confident that your new hires will be a good fit for your organization, and ensure that you are compliant with state and federal regulations.


In many areas, such as the state of New Hampshire, State Police verification is also required to certify a new employee. This additional step in the process can delay your hiring process, as well as become costly for your organization.

Beyond simply being a headache for your HR team, delayed processes may cause a high turnover or drop-off rate with new hires, meaning you have to start the employee search all over again.

As part of our mission to “take the work out of your workflow,” PiF Technologies is excited to announce a new solution that will make background checks a seamless part of your hiring process.

Our strategic partnership with Global HR Research makes completing background checks for your organization simpler.

Who is Global HR Research?

Global HR Research provides background screening and verification services for companies and government agencies. Their screening technology is compliant and consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, (FCRA), is fully automated, and web-based. With a custom Global HR Research connector, your organization doesn’t waste any time or resources completing necessary background checks.

The connector works seamlessly with your existing web forms solution from PiF and allows you to immediately trigger background check orders through the Global HR ordering portal, reducing the need to wait or for complex verification.

We will be launching this new feature as well as sharing more about automating your HR department in an exclusive webinar on October 25th at 3:30 p.m. Registration is limited, and you won’t want to miss being the first to know about this innovative technology.

Click here to register.

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