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Completely eliminate the need for physically storing documents or using non-secure digital methods with an Enterprise Content Management System.

Think of our ECM solution as your smart digital filing cabinet.

Easily scan, file, and retrieve all your organization’s crucial documents and data.

Whether your documents are paper or electronic, all of your records are easily searchable, making it possible to retrieve any document instantly via its keyword within the body of the document or its structured metadata field (e.g Vendor Name). By managing records electronically you can collaborate with stakeholders, avoid missing deadlines, and comply with regulations.

Easily retrieve digital signatures, and our security and compliance features such as document level security, version control, document freezing and audit trail features ensure your contracts are legally acceptable. Automatic retention means you can easily move and purge files as needed.

Never lose or misplace a file again!

  • Eliminate physical storage and labor costs
  • Leverage full page OCR for keyword searching every word in any document
  • Employees get what they need faster with a secure single repository for record
  • Manage all of your records through their entire lifecycle
  • Free your staff to focus on more valuable tasks

We work well with others

Our solutions tightly integrate with leading core business applications, allowing you to enter your documents and data in one step while storing them in the document management system.

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