Keep the focus on driving revenue by simplifying quality control.

Use Workflow to improve your manufacturing processes.

Easily capture, process, and store crucial quality documents in a central repository. Link related documents together to provide easier access. Create custom workflows to automate tasks.


Engineering Change Order/Engineering Change Notification (ECO/ECN) 

Reduce manual change orders by leveraging workflow logic to route from engineering to operations to quality to production with easy to use notifications and task prompts.

With auto assignment of your ECO revision numbers, you can easily view a full audit trail of approved and denied changes and have the ability to link spec sheets and customer correspondence to the ECO.

You can search by lot, job, or project number and use related documents to link common documents to one another.

Personalize material test certifications for your customers and integrate quality documents with your customer and vendor portals by utilizing customized material test certificates with embedded header annotation with customer name, heat number, lot number and order number.

Employees get what they need faster

...and quality control remains in full compliance with internal policies and state and federal regulations.

Stay compliant with

Stay compliant with:

ISO 9000, QSO 9000, FDA, OSHA, DOT, FDC, ITAR and more.


  • Store permits
  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • MSDS
  • Material test reports
  • Production and control records
  • Lab records
  • CAPA records
  • ITAR records
  • And other key documents!  


Reduce department costs by eliminating physical storage costs and labor costs associated with physical storage, filing and regulatory compliance

“In manufacturing, they had several file drawers of paper. They get daily shipments of product coming in the door. All of those shipments have packing slips, which used to accumulate in a file drawer. You may or may not have been able to find something back there; now all of that is stored electronically. Today, packing slips and other papers are scanned and tracked, and can be retrieved with a couple of clicks, if needed. Our quality department stores production data, process sheets, first article inspections, damage material reports, inspection reports and process change history reports in the system. This equates to more than $13,000 in annual savings, and the ability to actually locate the documents is priceless!”
Gary DeGroat
Chief Financial Officer

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