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DocStar Training Sessions

Get the most out of your current system!

These sessions are dedicated to showcasing specific features within the DocStar system. Learn about the latest tools in document management to help you capture and store documents more effectively. 

Understand the latest in technology trends.

Learn how automation is evolving to include new trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more.

The world of technology is quickly evolving, and navigating the dynamic landscape of the business world presents a constant challenge for leaders.

These challenges increase further when confronted with transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and other technologies. Because there’s a lack of specific context within industry processes, it often complicates the adoption of these cutting-edge tools simply because leadership doesn’t know where to begin. 

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AP Automation

The Future of Accounting Automation

While the role of accounting hasn’t changed in decades, the technology available to finance teams has. Rather than stay stuck in the past, organizational leaders have a massive incentive to invest in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help their teams evolve.

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AP Automation

Meet the AP Automation of the future

Meet the AP Automation of the future. Manually processing invoices is so 1999. Intelligent Document Processing – Powered by Artificial Intelligence Process invoices like never before Automated Document Extraction allows you to index faster using the power of AI and

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Document Management

How to use Custom Columns to create saved searches in DocStar

Streamlining document management is crucial for your organization, and DocStar offers an efficient solution for storing and retrieving documents seamlessly. While using DocStar, certain tasks may not be part of your daily routine but are essential on occasion. Whether you’re

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Distribution: “How can I get started with AI?”

Distributors are at an inflection point and are primed to invest in Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to simplify their operations. Understand the value of automation for distributors as well as ideal use cases for a solution.

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Document Management

How to add pages to a document in DocStar

Efficient document handling is important to your organization and by utilizing document management with DocStar, you have the ability to simply store and retrieve any document you need. When working within DocStar – there are certain activities that you may

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