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Join our live training sessions with our automation experts.

DocStar Training Sessions

Get the most out of your current system!

These sessions are dedicated to showcasing specific features within the DocStar system. Learn about the latest tools in document management to help you capture and store documents more effectively. 

Our training sessions will resume in June 2024.

Meet with PiF at Encompass BevAge

Join us in Denver, CO June 3-6, 2024!

As a leading provider in automation solutions for Beer, Wine, and Spirits Distributors, we’re please to attend BevAge as an Encompass partner. 

Our solution directly integrates with Encompass software and can help seamlessly join disparate systems and eliminate manual data entry. 

Understand the latest in technology trends.

Learn how automation is evolving to include new trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more.

The world of technology is quickly evolving, and navigating the dynamic landscape of the business world presents a constant challenge for leaders.

These challenges increase further when confronted with transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and other technologies. Because there’s a lack of specific context within industry processes, it often complicates the adoption of these cutting-edge tools simply because leadership doesn’t know where to begin. 

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Intelligent Document Processing

Revolutionizing data retrieval with AI-powered Queries

In the 1990s, the way the internet was utilized was changed as Search Engines became increasingly commonplace. Quickly, websites and information became available at the user’s fingertips, unlike the hand-indexed early internet. In the 2010s, Siri revolutionized search as an

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Microsoft Enhancement

How technology consolidation supports Finance, HR, and IT

The synergy between Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology is pivotal for organizational success. These interconnected sectors collaborate closely to achieve common objectives, streamline processes, and mitigate risks.

Technology consolidation emerges as a strategic approach to address the unique needs of HR, finance, and IT departments. By streamlining systems and leveraging existing infrastructure like Microsoft 365, organizations can achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced security and collaboration. With solutions like Encodian’s plugin integrations for SharePoint, organizations can optimize their existing technology stack without compromising data governance or security.

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Microsoft Enhancement

How to improve upon your existing Microsoft SharePoint Platform

Microsoft SharePoint is a commonly used tool for many businesses, but it has technical limitations. Learning the place of SharePoint within your organization as well as the tools that can help it expand into a seamless document automation system can help you leverage your existing technology investment.

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