Web Forms for Children and Youth Organizations

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Your clients are your mission, and you want to do all you can to make sure they have the best experience possible. Whether you provide childcare, after-school care, summer camps, or other programs, it’s important that the process is easy for parents and caregivers so kids can join your program right away. 

We’ve been creating customized automation solutions for over 20 years and have robust experience working with nonprofits and their individual needs. One of the biggest pain points for nonprofits, regardless of size, is managing clients, members, staff, or volunteers. 

The Problem

Often organizations, specifically those that are affiliated with larger national organizations, have an existing application and tracking system, but your current system may come up short in terms of ease of use for volunteers, employees, and members alike.

Some common issues that may come up include a disconnect between different locations, difficulty to implement and utilize, and a lack of reliability.

If your organization has yet to implement a digital system, you likely still rely entirely on paper, which means that key information is hand-written or typed out on a fillable PDF and then printed and stored in a physical filing cabinet. This can lead to missing documents, incorrect data attributed to children, and wasted time spent searching through folder after folder for a child or family’s file.

A common requirement is that when you provide childcare, the child’s information sheet needs to be at the location of where they’re being cared for. This can lead to issues if the child was registered at one facility and is receiving care at another. How can their information be in two different places at once?

With paper forms, information has to be copied, scanned, or faxed over to the correct facility, causing frustration for your staff and the clients, and delaying getting kids the care they need. It’s an unreliable and frustrating system.

The Solution

To help streamline the application process for your members, we’ve built a more intuitive, user-friendly online application portal that can integrate with your member tracking system.

Even with an existing online application module, our dynamic web forms can eliminate time and mistakes caused by manual data entry.  Our product offers secure digital signatures, no need to print, sign, and scan, and no worrying that your forms are not compliant. 

Our Web Forms are accessible anywhere, at any time, and on any device. And, by integrating with your existing line of business software, it ensures faster, more efficient processing across every department.

With the webforms flow feature you can execute workflow steps for approval, establish pre-conditions for dynamic display or routing, and push and pull data from different data sources. Best of all? This all comes standard.

This creates a complete system that simplifies the registration and approval process, making for happier employees, volunteers, and families, while also keeping your organization completely compliant.

PiF can help your organization implement a robust forms solution, and with our unique approach to installation and training, we’ll set you up for success. Give us a call at 888.934.4443 or schedule a demo by clicking the button below.

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