Recorded Webinars | Product Videos

Wed, February 7th at 2PM
DocStar ECM eclipse 101 Webinar: Learn the Basics
Description: learn basic DocStar product education with a high level overview of Search, Capture, Index, Edit, Output and Workflow with the ability to ask live questions.

Thurs, March 1st at 11AM
DocStar ECM 102: Make Your Capture Process More Efficient
Description: learn about all of the capture features available through the core DocStar system and other ancillary capture technologies available through PIF. Many DocStar implementations evolve over time, keep your DocStar system fresh with the most efficient methods of capturing content.

Tues, March 20th at 11AM
PIF Web Forms – Automate Paper based Forms
Description: convert paper based forms processes into efficient workflow based web forms with support for wet signatures, attaching of supporting documents. Learn how to leverage web forms to automate common processes such as applicant tracking, HR onboarding, expense reports, incident reports and any handwritten form.

Thurs, April 12th at 11AM
Paperless AP Invoice Automation with Your ERP
Description: learn how world class accounting departments operate by removing data entry, routing and matching labor costs with higher throughput. Benefit from early payment terms, gain visibility within your accounting process, accrue for pending transactions, audit support and data mine for any purchasing data.