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Transform the Documents you have into the Data you need.

Every business process starts with a document. And any document, from any source, can be processed intelligently.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Capture the data you need, from any source, in any format.

Supercharge SharePoint

With solutions designed to seamlessly sit atop your existing SharePoint investment, you can enhance the technology you already have.
Intelligent Document Processing

Propel Power Automate

Use your Microsoft Power Platform to its full potential. Enhance your document automation flows with over 150 specific actions.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA can eliminate manual tasks entirely leaving your employees to complete meaningful work and keeping them from turning into task robots.

Transform how you capture data.

Bring automation and intelligence to document handling.

Intelligent Document Processing software that automates and simplifies your data’s journey from arrival to usage in business processes—quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve efficiency in dealing with diverse document types and data formats.

Utilize the technology you have to push your processes into high-gear.

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It's time to supercharge your SharePoint solution.

Technology consolidation is a high priority for many organizations.

By enhancing their existing Microsoft software stack, organizations can leverage their existing investments in licenses, training, and infrastructure rather than restarting the process with an entirely new technology investment.

Make manual data entry a thing of the past.

Invest in robots so your employees don't become robots.

Let the bots do the work.

What if any data that needs to be moved from one system to another didn’t need to be entered by hand?

Manual keystroke errors are 100% eliminated, and your employees are focused on higher-value tasks. 

A trusted consultant in business process improvement since 1996.

We’ve seen firsthand how technology evolves, and our customers evolve right alongside us.

Solving process gaps across organizations and industries.

Accounts Payable

Invoices arrive in multiple file types, and various formatting styles, and accounting teams often struggle to process invoices by hand in a reasonable timeframe. Automate extracting relevant information from invoices and accelerate the approval and payment process.

Human Resources

Eliminate the need to review each resume or application manually for organizations that receive a high volume of job applicants. Capture and process common HR documents and route them accordingly.

Healthcare and Legal Data Management

In the healthcare and legal space, organizations are inundated with paper. Medical records and legal documentation are both pieces that produce excess data that requires extraction and organization. Digitize and extract information from medical records, improving the accessibility and organization of information.

Supply Chain Documentation

Automate the processing of shipping documents and receipts. Improve the visibility and traceability of goods in the supply chain by capturing and routing relevant data from shipping documents, invoices, bills of lading, and more.

Our goal? Use leading technology to seamlessly transform Documents into Data.

Almost every common business process starts with a document and ends with data. Whether the data needs to be entered into an ERP or business system or stored securely in a central repository, Intelligent Document Automation is the solution to transform the documents you have into the data you need.

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