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The Benefits of Working with a Local Copier Dealer

You’re in the market for a new copier (or maybe many new copiers), congratulations! While this purchase may seem routine for many organizations, taking the time to evaluate your options is the perfect way to ensure that you’re getting the best possible service and pricing. Maybe your copier contract is coming to an end and you’re looking for other options, maybe you’re sick and tired of subpar service, or maybe you’re just looking to expand your fleet and are ready to buy — either way, we’re here to help. 

A common challenge businesses face when entering this buying journey is finding a partner you can trust. When searching “copiers near me” you’re likely faced with dozens of options, all with flashy websites and claims of the best support and pricing in the area. Unfortunately, many of these “local” retailers are simply national organizations pretending to be down the street companies. Sure they may have a local office, but after the sale you’re tossed into the same bucket as other customers from all over the country.

There’s a clear benefit to working with a truly local copier dealer, and beyond the tangible benefits you’ll see in regards to the impact on your buying experience, you can also be proud that you’re supporting a locally-owned business.

Service & Support

Better service, faster

So, your copier is broken. What typically is an inconvenience can quickly turn into a huge headache if you’re waiting (and waiting) on a fix. Unfortunately, larger national organizations often need to coordinate and find someone to send out for a repair, and when there isn’t anyone available in your service area, you’re stuck with a broken machine until someone can show up. 

From the moment you call our support line you’ll be treated with the highest level of care. Our phone wait times are under a minute, no sitting on hold just waiting for someone to pick up!

The PiF difference is in our service timing and availability. We focus on Mean Time to Repair vs. Response Time to get your machines back working quickly and successfully. Rather than send a technician out to diagnose the issue, which requires you to wait for availability, we have the ability to remotely dial into the Copier, diagnose the problem, then dispatch a technician who knows exactly what needs to be done. 

With truly local techs ready to be dispatched when there’s an issue, you can get back up and running quicker. When you work with a local dealer, you’re also working with people who know you and your business, they’re your neighbors and patrons and understand the unique nuances of where you live and work. You’ll be more than just another service ticket to your technician. 

When you’re stuck with a longer-term fix, you can also utilize temporary copier loaners so you can get back up and running. Rather than sit in limbo waiting for parts or a technician to show up, you can operate at the same capacity you have before with a reliable operating machine until yours is fixed.

A technology-based approach

Many copier dealers have a tendency to operate like it’s still 1985, and many treat their machines as such when it comes to installation and repairs.

Unfortunately, while many of their techs have experience with “break-fix” repairs, they’re not familiar with software and integrated Cloud applications. Because they may lack the knowledge to deploy solutions in a secure environment to keep your organization protected, you can unintentionally expose yourself to data security risks. 

We’ve been supporting hardware AND software for over 25 years and because of this we’re well staffed with software experts capable of configuring workflows, setting up touch panel integration, and training end users. Our IT and networking experts install network connected, secure devices without 3rd party help, further protecting your business.

Pricing & Billing

When you purchase a copier directly from a manufacturer or a local branch of a national organization, they often say they leverage their size and resources to get you the best pricing, but this may not be the case. 

We work with you to find opportunities to save, such as special pricing programs for non-profit organizations or schools, or even through bundling your copier contract with a software service contract for document management. Because we treat each quote we send out as a unique opportunity, we’re able to ensure that you’re paying less while still getting the best devices and the best support imaginable. If you have budgetary constraints but still need a reliable machine, we can even offer refurbished devices through Ricoh Greenline.

Contract Options Tailored to Your Needs

One of PiF’s unique offerings is a customized service contract based on your organizational needs. We offer three different choices, which means you’re not paying for copies that you aren’t making.


Pay for “Actuals Only”; no need to pay for copies you don’t make. No minimums or overages – pay for what you use, don't overpay for what you don’t!

Flat Rate

Pay for all copies, toner, and service — all in one flat rate. Get a predictable expense that won’t disrupt your budget.


Want to stick with a familiar program? We can provide that option and beat your current pricing.

What happens when your lease is up?

Clear cut billing terms are also a key pain point for many businesses who work with large national corporations, when a lease ends there needs to be a clean lease transfer. When that doesn’t happen due to oversight, you may be double billed and paying for a copier you don’t even have, and your old bill may even be sent through to collections if you don’t realize it’s been left unpaid. Clear communication between the customer, copier dealer, and leasing company is crucial, and when your account is treated as just another number, things may fall through the cracks. 

We’re thorough with our billing and once your lease is up we ensure there’s a clean transfer to your new one with no risk of double billing. We have direct communication with our leasing partners and are in your corner to make sure you’re not paying for anything you shouldn’t be.

It's time for a better copier experience.

Your organization deserves to work with a technology partner who treats them as more than just a sale. PiF has Multifunction Printer customers across Northern New England and software customers across the country. Our 25+ years of success is mainly the direct result of our customers choosing to work with us over and over again for the exceptional service we provide. Want to join our thousands of customers in getting the best experience?

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