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Good for the environment and your budget.

Businesses are often looking for ways to reduce spending, especially during times of economic uncertainty. When it comes to necessities, how can they save money while not sacrificing efficiency and technology?

Businesses have been hesitant to invest in refurbished products simply because they believe that they are lower quality, have a shorter lifespan, and aren’t as good as the new thing. Ricoh has developed a line of certified, remanufactured products that have been fully restored, updated, and tested for a new lifecycle of consumer use. The Ricoh GreenLine is ensured to deliver reliable performance you can count on, and is a smart choice for organizations looking to invest in an MFP without incurring the costs of a new device, and it provides a wider range of price points, based on your budget and your needs. 

Just like a certified pre-owned vehicle from a luxury car brand, certified refurbished Ricoh GreenLine products are high-quality, and have the same performance you’d expect from a brand new device.

Why Ricoh GreenLine?

Good for your wallet, good for the planet

Challenged by a tough economic climate, you may need to seek cost-cutting methods while also being encouraged to reduce your environmental impact


Ricoh GreenLine Remanufactured equipment is significantly less expensive than equivalent new equipment


Ricoh GreenLine Remanufactured equipment incorporates the best selection of parts, including the latest software and hardware advancements for the particular model, and is processed under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards


Ricoh GreenLine Remanufactured equipment is serviced exclusively by a Ricoh-authorized dealer (like PiF). Ricoh is committed to providing the same level of service with remanufactured equipment that we provide with our new equipment.


Ricoh only remanufactures models that have proven success in the market

How do MFPs get to be GreenLine?

A team of highly-skilled Ricoh engineers carry out every stage in the remanufacturing process, form initial inspection prior to refurbishing, to the installation of up-to-date firmware and the cleaning of internal hard drives. The end result is that you get high-quality systems at a fraction of the cost of new models, all while promoting sustainability. 

It’s a cost-efficient, eco-friendly solution that contributes to everyone’s bottom line without sacrificing quality or service. 

Ricoh’s GreenLine allows for reliable output at a low cost per page by addressing every last detail to ensure they work just like new.

What does the process look like?

  • Device is disassembled down to its frame
  • Sub-assemblies are cleaned and inspected
  • Worn, cracked, or fatigued parts, circuit boards, power supplies, clutches, and drive assemblies are tested and repaired or replaced
  • Panels and casings are refinished
  • Firmware updates are installed

Device is reassembled and tested, with final testing performed by independent inspectors

Device also undergoes standardized safety testing and where applicable receives the “UL Listing Remanufactured” mark

Ricoh GreenLine devices rely on ISO 9001-2008 processes that include

  • Parts replacement criteria
  • Authorized tooling
  • Adjustment criteria
  • Checklists completed for each station
  • Quality system audits performed by the British Standards Institute

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