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Host everything all in one place

You may already host some of your data on the Cloud, but by migrating to the AWS Cloud you can host everything you need all in one place, all while improving your speed and agility and reducing infrastructure costs.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data. In a generalized sense, Cloud can be described as data centers that are available to users over the internet.

What is the true cost of staying on-premise?

When your server is end of life you have two choices, stay on-premise and invest in another server and associated services, or move to the Cloud.

Known costs can include:

A new server

You’re typically oversizing your server to accommodate for unknown storage needs

Microsoft SQL Server License

Or another recreational database platform subscription with enough power for your programs.

An antivirus program subscription

which needs to be applied to the new server and renewed every year

Data Backup

To ensure no data is permanently lost in the case of downtime, ransomware, or other event where your data is compromised.

Some known costs for staying On-Premise include a new Server, Microsoft SQL licensing, and the right amount storage.

But when you also consider downtime, maintenance, malware, oversights from IT, and ransomware, the actual costs add up.

How does it work?

When your data is stored on-premise, you're tethered to devices connected to your server.

On the Cloud, you can access data from anywhere, on any device


What can be hosted on the Cloud?

We specialize in migrating our existing customers' solutions off their on-premise servers on a secure Cloud environment.

Document Management

Electronic Forms

Accounts Payable Automation

Everything else

Promote a secure environment.

Businesses of every size are at risk for ransomware and malware, a completely secure Cloud environment can protect your data from security risks.

How can the Cloud reduce risk?


Define user permissions and identities, infrastructure protection, and data protection measures specific to your needs.


Gain visibility into your organization’s security with logging and monitoring services. Use this data to make informed decisions.


Automated incident response and recovery that allows your security teams to analyze the root cause.


Prevent similar incidents by using data to quickly remediate and secure your environment in near real-time.

Made for remote teams.

Whether you're in-office, completely remote, or somewhere in-between, Cloud hosting fits your needs.

Consider your data handled.

Amazon Web Services with PiF means that your most important data is always within reach.

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