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AP Automation Transformation for Pine State Trading

The majority of all invoices are now processed in a touchless manner, with improved end-to-end visibility, validation, and significant return on investment

Document Management and Web Forms Simplify & Streamline CGI Business Solutions

CGI’s Payroll Services and Benefits Administration teams utilize automation to simplify their processes, enhance the client experience, and improve their employee workflows.

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Solving a paper problem for Anomet Products.

No longer burdened with piles of paper, Anomet has increased efficiency and communication thanks to Document Management & Accounts Payable Automation from PiF Technologies.

The Value of Automation for National Distributors

National Distributors found a way to multiply their accounting efforts while still maintaining their headcount.

With Robotic Process Automation, manual keystroke mistakes are eliminated for Pine State Trading

By building upon their existing solution, Pine State Trading has been able to eliminate time-wasting mistakes and errors due to human manual data entry.

Providing holistic solutions to automate organization-wide for XMA Corporation

Paper is eliminated and processes are simplified for XMA thanks to a cohesive software and hardware solution.

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How technology consolidation supports Finance, HR, and IT

The synergy between Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology is pivotal for organizational success. These interconnected sectors collaborate closely to achieve common objectives, streamline processes, and mitigate risks.

Technology consolidation emerges as a strategic approach to address the unique needs of HR, finance, and IT departments. By streamlining systems and leveraging existing infrastructure like Microsoft 365, organizations can achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced security and collaboration. With solutions like Encodian’s plugin integrations for SharePoint, organizations can optimize their existing technology stack without compromising data governance or security.

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How to improve upon your existing Microsoft SharePoint Platform

Microsoft SharePoint is a commonly used tool for many businesses, but it has technical limitations. Learning the place of SharePoint within your organization as well as the tools that can help it expand into a seamless document automation system can help you leverage your existing technology investment.

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Document Management

The Evolution of Document Capture

Explore the transformative journey from manual data entry to the cutting-edge realm of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Discover how OCR, machine learning, and natural language processing have revolutionized document capture, propelling businesses into a new era of efficiency and accuracy.

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