Any Form, Anywhere, Any Time. electronic Web Forms.

Are you tired on inefficient paper forms with handwriting?
Need a better solution for managing HR onboarding, applicant tracking and expense reports?

Paper forms that are scanned or re-keyed into your database cause loss of data, efficiency, and profitability. Fillable PDFs help bridge the gap between paper and true e-forms, but without real-time workflow integration, you’re missing out on a truly paperless process.

With Web Forms, easily create custom electronic forms with drag & drop technology – no need for IT, complex coding or expensive 3rd party resources.  Your teams can access Web Forms on any device and integration with your existing line of business software allows for automated notifications of workflow assignment to ensure faster, more efficient processing across every department.

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Try Out PIF Forms

Below is a sample Work Order form demonstrating the functionality and capabilities of the PIF web forms solution. Enter your email address in the box provided at the top of the form to receive the resulting PDF document.

 Easy to Use, Secure Electronic Forms Processing

Once your electronic form has been published, it can be updated and edited (with the proper permissions) and data can be imported from other systems like your ERP or HR management system and then routed to the right person, at the right time, eliminating mistakes, ensuring completeness of information and reducing operational costs.

Web Forms offers substantial benefits across your organization and a fast return on investment. After implementation, you will increase data and workflow visibility, shorten cycle times, improve service and eliminate paper and paper-related expenses.

Form Features

  • Easy to use drag & drop forms builder
  • Auto-populate data from other systems
  • Permission-based security
  • Automated email alerts for form status
  • Workflow integration based on form fields
  • Send electronic forms to external users for completion
  • Integration with any ERP and CRM system
  • Ability to apply javascript to perform complex calculations
  • Wet signatures

Form Benefits

  • Capture, verify, approve and integrate data with core business systems to reduce costs, eliminate data entry errors and improve efficiency
  • Immediate data visibility allows for faster response time to improve service and shorten cycle times – internally and externally
  • Improve workflow visibility and collaboration across your entire organization
  • Digitally signed forms are legally binding forms ensure security and compliance
  • Eliminate paper, printing and storage costs up to 70%

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