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Got paperwork?

There's an Electronic Form for that.

Any Form Time Place Device

How are your forms completed?

Is it with a pen on a printed piece of paper?

Is it through PDFs that need to be manually entered into other systems?

Whatever forms you have, completing them manually isn’t the answer. Electronic Forms solves the problems with paper, and creates a simplified and centralized forms platform to allow you to collect the information you need quicker than ever before.

Why Electronic Forms?

Scanned paper forms are inefficient and lead to a loss of data. While fillable PDFs are better, they don’t allow you to seamlessly transfer data between systems. How can you find a solution with the simplicity of paper for your end-users and the sophistication of software workflows?

Electronic Forms are the perfect solution.

Where can you use Electronic Forms?

Take a look at some common use cases

Electronic Forms solutions for any industry.

No matter your industry, department, or organization size -- you can use Electronic Forms.

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Simplify the forms you use every day.

Eliminate the paper shuffle and keep track of important information. 

  • Daily Service & Safety Checklists
  • Purchase Orders & Work Orders
  • Proof of Delivery & Acceptance
  • Incident Reports & Corrective Action


Keep your clients happy and your employees organized.

Support new customers in each step of the sales journey.

  • New Customer Onboarding
  • Sales Orders
  • Contracts
  • Expense Reports
  • Travel Authorization
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Human Resources

Enhance the employee experience

Onboarding, annual enrollment, time off requests, time sheets, and more can be automated with Electronic Forms.


Electronic Forms for Educators.

Support your School District's students, staff, and families

  • IEPs
  • 504 Plans
  • New student registration
  • Incident reporting
  • Job applications
  • Extracurricular signups
  • Time sheets
  • Student health forms
  • Field trip permission slips
  • Personnel Action/Stipend Authorization
  • Bus/Transportation Information
  • Kindergarten Parent Observation
  • Personnel Recommendation
  • Mileage Reimbursement Voucher


More time to focus on what matters.

Serve your clients better while saving time and resources.

  • Service Coordination
  • Client service logs, progress notes, incident reports, behavior plans, plan of correction
  • Clinician Work Orders (WORCS)
  • Client Home Certification
  • Client Intake Process / New Patient Registration
  • SDS (self Directed Services) managed by the parent/guardian
  • Collaborating with Outsourced Service Providers
  • HR applicant tracking and onboarding due to excessive turnover

For teams in the field

Accept Signatures on an Electronic Form - no matter where you are

Our solution allows your field-based employees to access a form and get a signature quickly and easily from a tablet without needing access to wireless or a cell signal.

Learn more about Electronic Forms

Industry-Specific Use Cases for Electronic Forms

Complete forms anytime, anywhere, from any device. Any paper form can easily become an Electronic Form. Physical forms are time-consuming and can lead to loss of data, efficiency, and profitability, and fillable PDFs aren’t much better. Using our Electronic Forms Solution,

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What is an Electronic Form?

Sometimes things that are seemingly self explanatory are much more complex than we realize (like building Ikea furniture). But complex doesn’t have to be negative. By its name alone, Electronic Forms seem pretty clear, but their full power and functionality

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