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Any form. Any time. Any device.

How are your organization’s forms completed?

Is it with pen on a printed form?

Is it through PDFs that need to be manually entered into other systems?

Web forms can solve all that.

Paper forms that are scanned or re-keyed into your database cause loss of data, efficiency, and profitability. Fillable PDFs help bridge the gap between paper and true web forms, but without workflow integration, you’re missing out on a fully efficient process.

Most paperless office solutions ideally start with a web form to receive structured data from the beginning of the process, so tools such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or human intervention to re-key data into multiple systems is not required.

Use web forms anywhere, for any task

Easy to use and secure

With our web form solution, you can easily create custom electronic forms with drag & drop technology – no need for IT, complex coding or expensive 3rd party resources.

Unlike paper and PDF fillable forms, web forms never become outdated. Smart conditional logic allows users to change the form based on metadata values, as well as geotracking abilities and simplicity in changing and updating it.

Smart web forms also allow for wet signatures without plugins, negating the need to print and sign, and ensuring every form completed is secure and compliant. Your teams can access Web Forms on any device and by integrating with your existing line of business software, it ensures faster, more efficient processing across every department.

With the webforms flow feature you can execute workflow steps for approval, establish pre-conditions for dynamic display or routing, and push and pull data from different data sources. Best of all? It comes standard.

It eliminates mistakes, ensuring completeness of information and reducing operational costs.

Web Forms offers substantial benefits across your organization and a fast return on investment. After implementation, you will increase data and workflow visibility, shorten cycle times, improve service and eliminate paper and paper-related expenses.

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