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Nonprofits do incredibly important work to serve our communities and the people in them, but often don't have the support systems for their back offices to thrive. By investing in automation solutions that help your organization with processes that take up time and resources, you can focus more on what really matters: your mission.

We're the authority on streamlining housing authorities

Most Housing Authorities rely on a paper-based process for Admissions, Section 8, Property Management and Finance.

We’ve developed a solution designed for the unique challenges housing authorities face, and have worked with housing organizations across the U.S. to help solve key pain points they face, including: 

  • Admissions – process all incoming paper documents (vouchers, HUD Forms, Orientation Forms), barcode the package, scan the paper, and automatically index and file in DocStar
  • Section 8 – once paper documents are scanned and processed electronically, create a virtual tenant file with workflows and due dates for all associated documents
  • Property Management – once Admissions and Section 8 Documents are processed, move to Property Management via if/then/else logic and workflow based on document type and who needs to review & approve
  • Accounts Payable – Capture, Extract, Push Date into ERP and eliminate data entry for hundreds of vendor invoices on a monthly basis

Where we can help:

  • Service Coordination
  • Client service logs, progress notes, incident reports, behavior plans, plan of correction
  • Clinician Work Orders (WORCS)
  • Client Home Certification
  • Client Intake Process / New Patient Registration
  • SDS (self Directed Services) managed by the parent/guardian
  • Collaborating with Outsourced Service Providers
  • HR applicant tracking and onboarding due to excessive turnover

Customer Success Story

Granite State Independent Living

From wasting time on forms to spending more time with clients.

Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) is a 1000-employee nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote quality of life with independence for people with disabilities and seniors through advocacy, information, education, support, and transition services.

The Challenge

Due to regulatory requirements, GSIL had a new hire packet that was 40+ forms long that would take hours to complete.

A lot of the information was redundant, and both the new hire as well as Human Resources had to fill it in multiple times. Time was wasted correcting errors and making copies for filing, and finding/auditing the information was tedious.

GSIL was getting complaints from consumers, workers and field coordinators so they decided to try an electronic forms & workflow solution.

Our Solution

PiF Technologies assisted GSIL in utilizing Web Forms to digitize the New Hire workflow to use e-forms. We were able to automate the process in record time. Rather than print out a stack of paper for a new hire, it’s all electronic. Key information is filled in once and all forms are automatically populated. Automatic validation ensures that errors and corrections are eliminated.

Once internal reviews are completed, the system can automatically print out the paperwork that needs to be hand-signed and notarized. Ultimately, the New Hire e-forms are uploaded to their document management system.

Working with PiF, GSIL plans to automate other areas of their business.

Photos courtesy of Granite State Independent Living

Why electronic forms?

You cannot go paperless with PDF or paper forms when signatures are required.

  • Reduction in double data entry
  • No need to scan and email after signature
  • Reduction in interpreting handwriting
  • Make multiple downstream workflow decisions without human intervention
  • Capture signatures that are compliant with eSign and UETA
  • Push data captured into other line of business systems
  • Change what forms get displayed based on user answers

The Problem: Data needs to be entered manually

…and also routed manually, signed manually, and filed manually. This data may need to be entered and re-entered into various systems such as LEADS, ESRI, and ERP systems like Tyler, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics from physical paper forms or PDFs that are difficult to extract data from. 

Our solution: A robust ECM system

ECM can either reduce or eliminate the need for data entry, and with added integration data “communicates” between systems, when something is entered into your ECM it can populate that same information into your ERP system or other software.

The Problem: Manual processes halt collaboration

ECM can either reduce or eliminate the need for data entry, and with added integration data “communicates” between systems, when something is entered into your ECM it can populate that same information into your ERP system or other software.

Our solution: A system that promotes sharing

Simple document sharing with version control, notes, and the ability to share reminders if requiring approval. “Wet signatures” allow documents to be signed without needing to be printed.

The Problem: Manual processes lack security

When sharing files, security is crucial. You want to ensure that only the right individuals see certain client records and information, and that vulnerable information doesn’t get in the wrong hands.

Our solution - Document permissions

Document permissions allow you to lock down specific documents and assign them to specific users. For example, clinicians can only view records for their assigned clients

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