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Gartner’s recent release of the “Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software, 2014” highlights the growing need for HR to more effectively manage documents while ensuring regulatory compliance and security.  2014 is the first year that Gartner has included document management as a category to the annual HR software report.  The the hype cycle focuses on newly emerging technologies as they move into mainstream adoption.  The strongest advantage to early adopters and fast-followers is when the technology is still on the hype cycle.

HR document management has caught the attention of organizations for a number of reasons.  HR departments are still heavily reliant on paper.  The average HR worker spends nearly one hour per day looking for information in documents and files.  Managing the blended world of digital and paper documents through unified document management solutions can lead a productivity savings of up to 30%.

Key HR Document Management Challenges

  1. Fear of incomplete employee files
  2. Increasing volumes of HR documents
  3. Regulatory compliance challenges
  4. Document collaboration
  5. Document Security

Benefits of Digital HR Document Management

HR document management solutions benefit organizations by solving those problems, and more strategically align HR with business objective such as

  1. Improving and simplifying business processes
  2. Reducing Expenses
  3. Increasing Efficiency

The benefit to organizations adopting HR document management systems is high according to Gartner Research Director, Ron Hanscome, who compiled the analysis for Digital HR Document Management.  The Gartner report analyzes trends in technology progression and takes a snapshot of leading organizations.  The technology hype cycle analyzes the number of years from the initial software innovation to actual mainstream adoption.  In the case of digital HR document management with the benefits expected to be high, Gartner forecasts mainstream adoption of digital HR document management software within 5-10 years.

What is Digital HR Document Management?

Digital HR document management is not scanning, importing and storing your HR documents on your network drives.  Digital HR document management is not synchronization and file sharing.   Digital HR document management cannot be accomplished with your organization’s HRIS system.  Digital HR document management is an advanced software solution that integrates with your other systems and manages the entire life cycle of HR documents while maintaining compliance and security.

Digital HR document management solutions manage documents from creation and distribution, to processing and disposition with advanced features such data capture, instant search and retrieval, and electronic signatures.  Digital HR document management can handle both paper and electronic files processing critical documents from talent acquisition and employee on-boarding to daily administration within HRIS systems, employee verification and credentialing and employee separation.  The most advanced technology is comprised of a true cross platform application with a modern user interface. In this webinar you can learn how leading organizations are building world-class HR departments with ECM technology like docSTAR Eclipse.

Digital HR Document Management Software by docSTAR

docStar has been at the cutting edge of document management for nearly two decades.  With more than 8000 deploysment they are a leader in the document imaging and management space.  PiF Technologies works exclusively with docStar’s products, including the popular on-premise version and the newest cloud-based offering eClipse.  PiF Technologies is the leading provider of docStar in the United States with over 2100 deployments.  We can help your HR department gain a competitive advantage with a digital HR document management solution.  Contact us today for an on-line demo.

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