Webforms and Records Management

Human Resources is a constant balancing act of hiring, onboarding, benefits, relationships, and culture. But there may be processes that are taking away time from more valuable initiatives and projects.

Document intensive tasks such as applications, federal and state tax forms, benefit elections, including FSA/HRA election, COBRA, time sheets, and time off requests can slow down your department’s efficiency.

Automation can simplify each process throughout the employee lifecycle, from applying, to hiring, to retiring.

Rethink your entire department

Timesheets and PTO tracking and approvals

Instead of wasting time tracking down employees, sending reminder emails, and making sure each timesheet gets to the right supervisor, HR employees can automate these processes, saving a great deal of time.

Hiring, onboarding, and offboarding

Arguably one the most important and time consuming part of your organization’s HR operations, these processes are often still completed manually and can be a source of frustration for employees. It also allows for security of your HR files to ensure important documents, such as employee I-9’s, get stored and secured separately from onboarding, salary review and healthcare information.

Benefits processing

Whether it’s your annual Open Enrollment, or simply a status change, with web forms, employees can quickly change their own personal information and benefits selections themselves, saving everybody time, paperwork, and frustration.


Simplify staffing with automated scheduling tools. Gain a better picture of your staffing needs as well as potential costs while spending less time figuring out appropriate staffing levels or troubleshooting scheduling problems.

Payroll data transfer and salary change requests

When done through traditional methods, manual data transfers and salary changes can be incredibly time consuming. With automation, avoid having to enter and re-enter an employee’s pay information prevent errors, and keep employees happy.

What else?

Application Tracking, Resumes, Tax Forms, Offer Letters, Change of Status Forms, Licensing and Certifications, Medical Records, Employee Policies, Performance Reviews, Audit Management, and many other processes.

The best part? It all integrates with your existing background check and payroll systems.  


  • HIPAA, EEOC, FLSA, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, ADA & ADEA, and FMLA and more
  • Store and distribute policies and procedures with version control and audit traceability
  • Automate your document retention policies

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