How Infrared Temperature Scanning Can Streamline Your Reopening Process

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So, what's next?

Much has changed in the world since the beginning of this year. Organizations that completely relied on in-office staff have quickly had to pivot to remote operations, “Zoom” has become the ubiquitous phrase for meetings, school, game nights, and dates held virtually, and we are beginning to figure out what comes next in this age of “the new normal.” 

Reopening plans have been made, then changed, then made again, and with varying guidelines and a fluid situation, it can be difficult to plan what’s next when you’re not even sure what will happen next week. 

You want to keep moving forward as an organization, and fortunately we have the tool to help you get there. 

Meet QuickTemp

QuickTemp is a contactless Infrared Temperature Kiosk that conducts and monitors the temperature of everyone entering your building. 

It scans temperatures in less than 2 seconds, and provides clear visual messages and audio cues to indicate whether or not someone has passed or failed the scan. 

QuickTemp is designed to fit your building’s needs and comes in a full-height stand and desktop stand, so it can go anywhere it needs to!

QuickTemp offers a robust backend reporting portal to provide insight into who entered your building and when. You can utilize this to track the attendence of employees and ensure compliance completing the entry scan.  

QuickTemp also allows for mask detection, as many municipalities and states are requiring the use of masks in all public spaces, this is a simple way to ensure that visitors are doing their part to keep others safe. 

Screening questions, simplified

Many organizations, beyond simply taking temperatures, are asking safe entry questions to allow for better contact tracing as well as confirm to the best of their abilities that those who are entering their buildings are low-risk for spreading the virus. 

These questions are typically answered in-person via a paper form or by the visitor speaking with an employee assigned to record the answers. Much like taking temperatures in person, this can put that employee at risk for exposure and is unnecessarily time-consuming. 

Through our Web Forms solution, we’ve created a simple template for a questionnaire that can be accessed via a QR code right on your QuickTemp kiosk, or a link that can be sent to building entrants ahead of their arrival. This further simplifies the entry process while being entirely hands-free. 

Use today, tomorrow, and years from now.

While our current health crisis won’t last forever (thankfully!) keeping your employees and visitors safe is always going to be important. 

One of the benefits of QuickTemp is its ability to hold a library of up to 10,000 employee photos to create a register of “known” individuals. QuickTemp can recognize employees and connect to your doors or gates to only unlock for known employees, and not for strangers. 

QuickTemp can also read IC badges and cards, so employees have multiple forms of recognition in order to safely enter. 

By connecting your QuickTemp device to a badge printer, you can also quickly produce visitor badges using the device, while maintaining a secure record of who is entering and when.  

Why QuickTemp, why now?

For the past 24 years, PiF has been focused on one main mission, to automate tasks that are time-consuming and manually done. We’ve achieved that through our Document Management, AP Automation, Web Forms, and Cloud Hosting solutions and have helped thousands of our customers automate their businesses.

When we experienced the current way of temperature taking and completing screening questions (someone scanning by hand and having you fill out a paper form), we knew that we could use our expertise to make the process simpler and help keep our customers healthier. Enter QuickTemp!

Our agile team of tech experts and sales pros have quickly learned the ins and outs of QuickTemp and are ready to support your organization. 

Learn more

Interested in learning more about QuickTemp?

Visit our site: quicktemperature.com to read more and place your order, or if you’d like more information you can register for one of our weekly webinars, held every Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST. 

You can also call us directly at 888.934.4443 with any specific questions you may have! 

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