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The Technology Behind QuickTemp

With no true clear and consistent reopening guidelines, it’s safe to say that organizations have been challenged with determining what works best for them during these times. Many have chosen to keep their doors shut until the pandemic comes to

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Strengthen your sick day strategy this season

At this point many workers have become experts at working remote, they’ve found a workspace that fits their needs, they have a dedicated “Zoom shirt,” and their organizations have established clear expectations for productivity during this time. As businesses began

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Why now is the time to get your documents managed

As the world slowed to an almost complete halt earlier this year, many organizations faced the reality that they are not properly equipped to complete work outside their physical office building. Employees were scrambling to pull out files, or loading

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Why now is the perfect time to migrate to the cloud

It feels like almost overnight the state of organizations across the country completely flipped on its head. Schools organized remote learning, events were postponed, and businesses quickly adapted to remote work with little to no warning. For some, this switch

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Support Remote Employees with Automation

The state of the workforce is changing, and over the past decade, remote work has become more and more prevalent across industries and positions. As COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) dominates the headlines, organizations are taking precautions to ensure the

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Web Forms for Children and Youth Organizations

Your clients are your mission, and you want to do all you can to make sure they have the best experience possible. Whether you provide childcare, after-school care, summer camps, or other programs, it’s important that the process is easy

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