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6 Trends Shaping Workflow Automation

As customer needs change, new technologies become available, and regulations and security needs evolve, so do your workflows. By employing a smart workflow automation process, your organization can improve efficiency, save money, and stay on top of compliance and security

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How to Set up your Business for Success in 2019

As the year comes to a close, planning for the next year has taken a front-seat focus for organizations. Through each of the minor decisions made at strategy meetings, there’s always one big question that needs to be answered: how

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Are Scanned Documents Legally Accepted?

When considering your organization’s compliance, record keeping is often a top priority. In fact, many organizations hold on to documents longer than necessary (or may not even know how long they’re supposed to keep documents in the first place) meaning

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6 Unique Uses for Web Forms

Your organization has already committed to reducing your reliance on paper in many of your business processes through your ECM. Did you know that web forms can take that a step further? There are plenty of reasons to utilize web forms.

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PiF Technologies + Global HR Research

Your hiring process contains multiple crucial steps to ensure that each new person you bring into your organization is going to be a productive team member and an asset to your business. One of these steps is conducting extensive background checks,

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What’s New in DocStar

Your software isn’t meant to stay the same from the day you purchase to years down the road, as new operating systems and features become available, your software evolves to better serve your organizational needs.    As part of your

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Make your Onboarding Process Smarter with Automation

Human Resources is a paper heavy facet of your organization, with strict rules and regulations to uphold, it’s imperative that records are accurately kept to protect your organization and employees. Just because you need to keep accurate records doesn’t mean

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Quality Control and Automation: A Perfect Pair

When working to keep your quality control department compliant, do you rely heavily on paper intensive processes? By fully relying on physical documents for standard procedures involving communication with state, federal, and third party agencies you’re slowing your business down

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Go Green, Go Paperless

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, 45% of that paper ends up being thrown out each day. Even if your organization only has 50 employees, that’s still 225,000 sheets being thrown out annually or 11,250

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