The Technology Behind QuickTemp

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With no true clear and consistent reopening guidelines, it’s safe to say that organizations have been challenged with determining what works best for them during these times. Many have chosen to keep their doors shut until the pandemic comes to an end.  

While reopening is underway for many organizations, threats of a 2nd wave or local outbreak has business leaders challenged with the task of identifying the safest and most effective way to reopen their businesses. 

We previously reviewed the benefits of QuickTemp, but the value is even more apparent when you see exactly how the device works. We’ll share each component of the QuickTemp solution and how they all come together to create a streamlined safe entry process for your organization. 

The Tablet

The main component of QuickTemp is the tablet. QuickTemp’s tablet runs on a Linux operating system and uses a custom Android shell. 

Out of the box, all data is stored on the tablet, with an option to store it on your computer by using the software. You can complete your custom set up directly on the tablet, 

The tablet’s small size means that QuickTemp can be placed anywhere you need it. Both the desktop and full height stands have a small footprint and can be used in high-traffic areas without encroaching on space. 

The Infrared Sensor

What makes QuickTemp tick is the state-of-the-art German Heimann infrared temperature sensor. These sensors are designed to be fast, accurate, and long-lasting. Rather than reading the surface temperature of the user (like many other temperature guns or contactless thermometers), it reads the thermal radiation of the individual. This means it’s far more accurate and can prevent possible false high or low readings due to the environmental temperature. In short, it’s tough to trick QuickTemp by simply standing out in the sun. 

When a user steps up to the QuickTemp device, the camera detects movement and quickly scans the user’s temperature. In less than 2 seconds, the user receives a notification of their temperature, and a warning if it exceeds the set threshold. 

The IC Card Reader

IC Cards (or integrated circuit cards) are contactless e-cards that can be used to gain access to buildings, transportation, or other secure environments. Many organizations already utilize IC Card technology to help secure their buildings from unwanted visitors, and as security becomes a larger focus for many organizations, it’s likely that the use of these cards will continue to grow. 

By having a built-in IC Card reader, QuickTemp allows for employees to take their temperature, scan their IC Card, and safely enter the building. 

The Facial Recognition Camera

When organizations want to track more than just temperatures, the facial recognition camera is there to help. Security has become a large focus for organizations, and ensuring the right people are entering at the right time is a big part of that. 

With the facial recognition camera, you can upload a list of up to 10,000 individuals who are “pre-approved” to enter. If any patrons attempt to enter and aren’t a match they’ll trigger the alarm. You can also identify working hours for each employee, and track what time they enter to clock in, as well as ensure they aren’t entering outside of their predetermined work hours. 

Not only does QuickTemp keep your office healthy, it also keeps them safe. 

The Software

How does QuickTemp do all it can do? With a solid software system to back it up. 

It has a simple, user-friendly interface that holds all of your historical data in one place. It also allows you to get instant email reminders and daily summaries that can alert you to abnormal scans, non-compliance from employees, or strangers attempting to enter. 

By using QuickTemp’s software alongside it’s solid hardware, you’ll be set up to successfully reenter your building, while ensuring your employees, visitors, and patrons stay safe. 

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