Give your employees the tools to serve your clients better.

Automation helps you eliminate manual processes and reduce paper volume with enrollment, benefit operations, COBRA administration, or payroll services.

Do you use multiple applications in your enrollment, adds and changes, and termination processes?

Do each of these processes require manual data entry into multiple carrier sites?

Seamless integration with your existing software

Hear about the benefits of automation first hand

CGI Business Solutions uses PiF to simplify their processes, enhance the client experience, and improve their employee workflows.
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We understand the unique challenges your organization faces.

Streamline new client onboarding and annual renewal

Web Forms make it simple

Have a long onboarding packet that needs to be filled out by hand? Have annual changes that need to be tracked? Web Forms can help make onboarding and enrollment simpler for your clients (and easier on your employees!)

Benefits Administration

Eliminate paper in the client onboarding process and the need to interpret handwritten documents.

COBRA Services

Digitize the input forms for new clients as well as annual changes. The tool mandates required fields to ensure no key information is missing!

Payroll Services

Payroll is a paper-heavy process. Docuement Management means no more "hunting and pecking" for files in cabinets or unsecure shared file drives.

Never lose a client file again

Documents get lost, damaged, or misplaced in the never-ending paper shuffle. Document Management can solve any document issue you face.

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