6 Unique Uses for Web Forms

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Complete forms anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Any paper form can easily become a web form. Physical forms are time-consuming and can lead to loss of data, efficiency, and profitability, and fillable PDFs aren’t much better. With web forms, create custom electronic forms quickly and with ease.  Your teams can access web forms on any device, allowing them to quickly complete tasks from anywhere at any time. It also easily integrates with your existing line of business software to ensure faster, more efficient processing across every department.

Why Web Forms?

Create custom forms easily

Accessible on any device

No more printing and signing

Improve accuracy while saving time

Cost savings, increased efficiency, and less reliance on paper and just a few reasons to invest in an intuitive Web Forms solution. Many organizations don’t realize just how many existing processes can be transformed by adding in web forms.

Through a custom web forms integration from PiF Technologies, you can take advantage of many features like a drag and drop forms builder, automatic data population, permission-based security, and automated email alerts. A crucial part of Web Forms is that they allow for wet signatures, meaning that any form filled out is complete and compliant.

You may not be sure exactly how Web Forms can be utilized in your organization, and trust us, there is nearly an infinite amount of ways you can use them. We’ll go through the top 6 uses for web forms that our customers have utilized.

Onboarding Paperwork

The time from when a new hire signs their offer letter to their first week is crucial for an organization to make a good impression on their new employee. Forms such as I-9, W-4, WOTC, 401K, Direct Deposit, and Benefits Elections can easily turn in to stacks of paperwork. These forms also require new hires to write out the same basic information over and over again.

Online forms simplify the process and eliminate redundancy. Once data is entered once, the workflow remembers it and auto-fills the remaining forms. Each form gets filled out quicker and there is less margin for error. Also, employees simply e-sign their document, meaning no printing, signing, and scanning necessary. 

Timesheets/Time Off Requests

Processing and managing timesheets and time off requests is a heavy lift for human resources. It’s not uncommon for paper timesheets and time off requests to go missing or for data to be entered incorrectly. Web forms allow for your employees to quickly fill out their timesheets as well as submit time off requests to their managers for approval. 


If your organization requires employees, vendors, or clients to sign any sort of contract, you understand the frustration that comes with trying to get a signature. This becomes increasingly difficult if you are sending contracts outside your physical office. Using web forms makes it simple to send contracts to the right people to review, and with wet signatures, they can sign them from their computer, tablet, or even mobile device, no printing, and scanning required.  

Expense Reports

When your employees submit expense reports, they typically have two choices, scan their invoices and receipts and email them in bulk to accounting, or staple together the physical documents and drop them off in person. Both processes aren’t organized, and there’s a high likelihood for documents to get lost or entered incorrectly. Web forms can eliminate the disorganization of paper expense reporting and can help track employee submissions.

Purchase Orders/Proof of Delivery

If you operate in the manufacturing or distribution space, you likely have countless orders placed weekly. Typically the existing process requires new documents for each step, the purchase order, the picking ticket, verification documents, delivery slip, proof of delivery, and other documentation. Web forms can not only make the order process easier for customers, but it can also help move along your workflow and reduce the number of physical documents attached to each order. Proof of delivery tickets are digital and able to be updated instantly with wet signature verification.   


Many nonprofits and healthcare organizations have antiquated patient onboarding processes. Stacks of paper forms are required for patients or caretakers to complete and for your organization to track. Additionally, crucial patient records are left disorganized, which can not only be a point of frustration for your employees, but it can also lead to legal issues.  Web forms can solve that. A custom patient onboarding workflow connects directly to your ECM. Meaning you can quickly onboard patients and easily track them. 

How else can you use Web Forms?

  • Operations
    • Daily Service & Safety Checklists
    • Incident Reports & Corrective Action
  • Non-Profits
    • New Client Onboarding
    • Service Requests
    • Care Provider Statements
    • Veterans Affairs forms
  • Human Resources
    • Open Enrollment & Benefits Elections
    • I-9 & W-4
    • 401K & Direct Deposit
    • Background Checks
  • Sales
    • New Customer Onboarding
    • Sales Orders
    • Contracts
    • Expense Reports
    • Travel Authorization
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

These are just a small sample of the uses for web forms for your organization. At PiF we create custom form workflows of all sizes and types for a variety of industries and purposes. Think your organization would benefit from migrating from paper-based forms to web forms but aren’t sure how? Give us a call at 888.934.4443 or email marketing@piftech.com and we’ll see how your current business processes can benefit.

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